Uorfi Javed confronts harassment on Mumbai to Goa flight

Uorfi Javed confronts harassment on Mumbai to Goa flight

Popular celebrity Uorfi Javed, known for her bold fashion choices, recently embarked on a quick vacation to Goa. However, her travel experience took an unpleasant turn when she encountered harassment from a group of boys on her flight from Mumbai.

Despite usually dazzling her fans with her unique style, Uorfi opted for a different avatar during her journey. At the Mumbai airport, she even held a placard drawing attention to the ongoing Manipur violence. This time, she chose to travel in economy class, a departure from her usual travel preferences.

While on the flight to Goa, Uorfi took to her Instagram story to share her distressing encounter. According to her account, a group of boys recognized her during the flight and their behavior drastically changed. They began making derogatory comments, indulged in eve-teasing, and resorted to name-calling. Adding to the disturbing situation, they were under the influence of alcohol.

Taking a stand against their unacceptable behavior, Uorfi confronted the boys, expressing that being drunk could never be an excuse for mistreating women. She strongly advocated for respect and highlighted that being a public figure doesn’t make her public property.

Despite feeling disturbed and furious, Uorfi remained composed, not wanting to create a disturbance for the other passengers onboard. Sadly, this was not the first time she faced such inappropriate behavior, often attributed to her fashion choices.

Uorfi’s recent airport appearance with pinkish hair attracted attention and admiration from her fans and fellow travelers. However, she remains focused on raising awareness about important issues and standing up against harassment and bullying.

Traveling should be a pleasant experience for everyone, regardless of their celebrity status or appearance, and it is essential to foster an environment of respect and kindness among all passengers.


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