Udaariyaan 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam and Nehmat get married

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The Episode starts with Ekam going out of the house. Nehmat asks are you shocked to see me here, Alia and my relation can’t break. He says I need to talk to you. She says I won’t listen to you, I have to be with you. He says then I won’t listen to anyone, I will do what is right for Alia. He holds her hand and drags her.

Mann vich halla…plays…. He gets a chair and breaks it. She asks what are you doing. He asks her to stay quiet. He pours the ghee/oil and ignites the fire. He says this is just for Alia. He holds Nehmat’s hand and takes rounds. She asks him to leave her hand, he can’t do this. He says first round, its to give a mother to Alia. She beats him and tries to stop him. Harleen gets conscious. Ekam makes vows. Nurse says you got conscious today, who is Alia, you were taking her name. Nehmat asks Ekam to leave her. Udaariyaan….plays….

Ekam takes the last round and says Alia will have both her parents. He fills sindoor in Nehmat’s maang. He says we got married, Nehmat, we have become Alia’s mum and dad, you don’t need to go to court now. She cries. Doctor checks Harleen. He asks do you remember anyone, give us your family details to contact. Nurse says she is wearing mangalsutra, she would be married. She asks is Alia your daughter. Nehmat slaps Ekam. He asks how dare you. She asks how dare you marry me forcibly, you should have asked me, you don’t care for anyone’s feelings. He says you were going to take me to court, you did what was right for you, you took wrong decisions, if you involved me in your decisions, then this would have not happened, I did this for my daughter. Renuka, Cherry and Alia come. Ekam hugs Nehmat and says Alia is watching. He says Alia, Nehmat is here. Cherry asks did they get married. Renuka says that too in this way. Ekam says now Nehmat will stay with you. He takes Nehmat and Alia with him.

Its morning, Ekam talks to Abhir. He says I don’t know why I did this, I did it for Alia, she loves Nehmat, she needs a mother. Rupy consoles Nehmat. He says Sartaj left, you got married to Ekam, its fate. Abhir says you and Nehmat for married, its fate, you both were in love, what’s the problem now. Ekam says she is my past. Abhir says accept the truth, Harleen is no more, Nehmat is Alia’s mum.

Rupy says you are Alia’s mum, you wanted to be with her. Nehmat says not this way, I wasn’t waiting for Harleen to leave, I hate this. Satti says we know the truth, Harleen raised your daughter, she got married to Ekam, she left us. Nehmat says Ekam did wrong. Swaroop says he did it right. Nimmo says yes, you are Alia’s mum, you should accept this marriage. Nehmat asks what shall I tell her, I told that her mum isn’t in the world, shall I tell her that I m her mum.

Nehmat comes home and meets Alia. Harleen leaves from the hospital. Nehmat says I love you a lot, it will happen as you want. Alia goes with Renuka. Harleen asks who am I, what’s my name, why don’t I remember, where am I. She thinks of Alia. She says who is Alia. Alia gets the aarti plate to welcome Nehmat. Nehmat cries and kisses her.

Ekam and Nehmat’s grahpravesh happens. Harleen lands in Moga.

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