Titli 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli gets a big offer

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The Episode starts with Dhrishti asking Sandy to come. They get inside the car. Chintu sits in driver’s seat and sees her. Koel likes the temple decoration and asks who did this. Titli says I did it. Koel asks but why, what do you want. Titli asks did you feel bad knowing I went on work. Koel says yes, who wants bahu to go on work. Titli asks but why, bahu is also a daughter, Garv also understands this, girls should be independent, I want to handle relations like you do, I don’t want anything for myself. Koel says fine, I won’t melt down, don’t expect me to say yes, its no from my side. Titli says please, be on my place and think. Koel asks why. Maina looks on. Koel says I have much work, I have to make breakfast. She goes to make kheer. Titli says Koel isn’t agreeing, what shall I do. Koel makes kheer. Maina goes to Koel and says Babu ji is asking for the medicines, I will pack the food. Koel says fine, you handle this. Maina says I won’t let you take my place in Manikant’s heart. She adds salt in the kheer. Titli sees this. She goes and says its salt. Manikant comes and asks did you pack the food. Maina says yes. Koel says everything is ready. He asks for kheer. She says its ready, will you taste it. He says yes, get it. Koel takes the kheer. Titli stops her. The kheer bowl falls. Titli says sorry. Manikant and Koel scold her. Koel says you made the kheer fall. Titli says so sorry. Maina says I will make kheer. He says no need. Koel says I will send the breakfast. He says fine and leaves. Koel asks Titli to go. Maina says everyone thinks Koel is right and I m wrong. Titli comes. Maina says you think I added salt in the kheer intentionally, I thought it was powdered sugar. Titli says yes, Koel is so good, no one would like to do bad with her, I saved her from scolding.

Maina scolds her. Koel comes and asks how dare you argue with Maina. Garv and everyone come. Koel says I heard everything, you mean Maina is troubling me, don’t come between us. She asks Garv to explain Titli. Maina says enough Titli, don’t come between us. Alpa says she is trying to create a rift between them, she acts innocent and got everyone on her side, she knows magic. Garv says no one will come between Koel and Maina. He asks Titli not to interfere. Titli goes. Alpa says be careful Maina, Garv and Titli ore on Koel’s side. Maina gets angry.

Titli says listen to me. Garv says you listen, don’t get between them. She says I can’t think of that, they both are imp to me. He says good. He leaves. Dhrishti says Sandy, fire that driver right away. Titli asks is there any problem. Dhrishti says you are my problem. Titli says we don’t know why the person is helpless to do job, don’t get anyone fired. Dhrishti goes. Titli gets Bhakti’s call. Bhakti asks about the job. Titli says I didn’t get it. Bhakti says your Kaka and Kaki are in problem. Titli says I m not able to help them. Bhakti says keep trying to get a job. Titli calls to get some job. She comes to meet Garv at his office. He signs her to come in. Garv introduces his wife to the clients.

He says we handle the legal matters of Kapadia company. He praises Titli. The man says its called perfect couple. The lady asks is there anything special. Titli says no, just like that, I love flowers. Manikant goes with the clients. Garv and Titli sit to have lunch. She feeds him the food. He gets very happy.

Titli prays. Dhara says someone has come to meet you. Titli goes to see. Kapadias come to meet her. He says we came to meet Titli, we want you to make same food basket for our guests. Titli asks really, when is the party. He says after 2 days, we want 500 buckets. Manikant says rich people will come in the party, how can you hire an unprofessional girl and take a risk. The man says she is very talented. Koel says our bahu has no permission to work outside, find someone else. Maina says no, she can do this for Manikant’s clients. She thinks Manikant will get happy. Maina says our bahus don’t work outside, but your house is like family. The man asks Garv to say. He says I think you have a problem with Titli’s work. Titli says no, he always encourages me, and my family is also supportive, they are concerned for me, I was a florist before marriage, its my passion, Garv respects it a lot. Garv thinks that special food basket was for me, how can you make it for everyone.

Garv gets angry and eats laddoos. He gets an allergy and falls. Titli asks what’s happening.

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