Suhaagan 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update

Suhaagan 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish and Bindiya are taking Bappa for the visarjan. Payal comes after making the phone call and joins Krish. Krish asks where did you go? Payal says a hurdle had come, so she was making it move from her way. Indu comes to Baldev and tells that Krish told her that he has fallen down yesterday. Baldev says he is fine and had slipped due to weakness. He says he is having old age problem. Indu says Krish told that he will take him to Delhi if his condition doesn’t improve. Krish, Payal, Sakshi and Vikram return home. Baldev asks if Visarjan has happened? Sakshi says yes, we all did it and I have made some videos. They go from there. Baldev asks Krish where is Bindiya? Krish says she went to drop them to the bus stand. Baldev says you should have dropped them in your car. Krish says I told, but Dadi didn’t agree. Dadi asks Bindiya to go home and says everyone must be waiting. Phoolmati asks who will wait for her. Dadi says I couldn’t do anything for you. Bindiya says I am not alone, and tells that Babu ji is with me in my fight. Payal calls someone and asks if the work is done. Krish asks Baldev not to worry and says he will do her work. Baldev asks him to call Bindiya and asks when she is coming? Krish says she must be coming. Bindiya sends Dadi in the bus. The lady collides with Bindiya and makes her stuff falls down. She then steals Bindiya’s mobile and asks her if she saw her daughter and asks her to help her. Bindiya says I will search your daughter. The lady is Payal’s hired lady goon, who tells that half work is done. Payal thinks Krish has to come out of old man’s room, for my plan execution. She opens the door and signs him to come out. He comes out. Payal tells that there is lizard in my room and asks him to make it go. Krish goes to see. Payal calls the lady goon and asks her to get ready to attack. She peeps in Baldev’s room. Baldev gets a call from Bindiya’s number, and the lady informs him that the girl met with an accident, and she is taking her to hospital. Baldev asks which hospital? Bindiya thinks she couldn’t see her daughter. The lady comes to Bindiya and says her husband called and said that she was other side of bus stand. She hugs Bindiya for her goodness and puts mobile in her bag. Bindiya leaves. Baldev comes out of his room shouting my daughter Bindiya and asks Driver to take out the car. Payal smirks.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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