Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Taraka sur finds out about Parvati

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga getting surprised to see Tiger bowing down infront of the baby Parvati, and going from there. She comes to Parvati and hugs her. Narayan and Narad come there. Narad tells her that Parvati is the rebirth of Sati/Adi Shakti. Narayan says she will marry Shiv after growing up. He says right now Shiv is upset. Ganga recalls confessing her love to Shiv, and apologizes to Narayan, and says she didn’t know about Sati’s rebirth else she wouldn’t have confessed her love to him. Narayan asks her not to apologize and asks Narad and Ganga to protect Sati from Taraka sur, and says nobody shall know that she is Adi shakti. Narad says Narayan made her wear rudraksh bangle, so that she becomes Shivmey since her childhood. Narayan says she has to complete her journey to become Shivmey. Ganga keeps the baby in the cradle. The Aghoris are praying to Mahadev and going from the jungle.

Baby Parvati cries in the cradle suddenly. The Aghoris see the Shivling and continue the bhajan. The baby stops crying. She then starts crying when they stop the bhajan. Narad says Nandi had taught this bhajan to Devi Sati, and she had sang this in the king court. Narad and Narayan sing the bhajan to pacify baby Parvati. Himavan and Mainavati hear them. Mainavati asks what they are doing? Himavan says whoever hears Shiv’s bhajan is very lucky and she is lucky that Narayan is singing bhajan for her.

Deeti says so many years have passed and we have done many attempts, but we couldn’t find Shakti. She says my worry is increasing day by day. Taraka sur says Shiv is in meditation and my spies are on the land, says we will find Shakti soon.

Parvati is grown up. She comes to the Shivling and does puja. Asur spy sees her and goes to inform Taraka sur. Taraka sur asks if you have searched Shakti. Asur spy tells that he has a doubt that she is Shakti, who is doing the puja in the temple surrounded by snakes, and she is unique looking. Taraka sur says she will be killed now, I am searching her since a long time, now I will trap her and will kill her.

Parvati is shown doing the puja and then presenting flowers on the Shivling. The flowers fall on the frozen Shiv. She then place garland and keeps the leaf on it. Taraka sur says you have brought a good news and gives prize to the Asur. He says I will go and kill that girl. Deeti asks him to think and then take the step else it can be dangerous. Taraka sur says she is a girl, and asks how she can be dangerous for me. He says according to brahma’s boon, only Shiv’s son will kill me, and not his son’s mother. He asks soldier to inform his mother Vajrangi, that he will snatch Shiv’s Shakti from him, who had snatched her husband from her.

Parvati is still doing puja. She recalls coming there and telling Narad that she has brought bel patra for Shiv. Narad asks her to present it to Shiv. Ganga and Narad smile. The girl says Om Namashivay and smiles. Sati tells Shiv that he is handsome, as he is Shiv. She smiles….and hugs Shivling holding with her both hands. Shiv Aghor hai…plays….

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that in this world, everyone wants to be praised by the people, but they feel bad when people takes out our flaws, and what we do, we get away from such people (our critics). He says this is our biggest mistake, and says keep close to such persons, and think about what they say.

Precap: Narad asks Parvati if she likes Shiv and wants to marry him. Parvati says she is ready to marry him. Himavan announces Parvati’s marriage with someone else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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