School Ishq (Love in school) Part 2 ArDeep TS

School Ishq (Love in school) Part 2

Kunal-Mauli were dancing romantically.
Deep was admiring them:Kunal uncle and Mauli aunty are so adorable together.
Suddenly somebody came near him and said:Yes.My mummy papa are the cutest couple.
Deep looked at her and smiled.
She was the 5 year old sister of Arohi and Pari.She is called as Barbie.She looks exactly like how Pari looked in her childhood days.
Deep:Hi Barbie doll..

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Barbie smiled cutely:Hi buddy…
They did high five.
Barbie:Can I tell you something?
Barbie:You and Arohi di make an adorable couple like mummy daddy.

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Deep was stunned.
Barbie:Why don’t you guys stop fighting and be loving towards each other?
Deep was stunned.
Barbie:Say buddy…will you guys stop fighting?
Deep:What to do?You Arohi di won’t agree with that.She just wants to fight with me.
Barbie:But try and be lovers.
Deep smiled:You are just 5 years.But you are trying to be our love Guru.
Barbie:I am only 5 years old.But I am not a kid.Understand?
Deep giggled.
Barbie went towards Arohi:Di…
Arohi hugged and kissed Barbie:My little sissy…

Pari too joined their hug.
Deep blushed thinking of Barbie saying that he will look good with Arohi.
Jaggi and Gopi joined Kunal-Mauli in dancing.

Deep dreamt of dancing with Arohi.Pari dreamt of dancing with Sanskar.

Chal Arohi
Dil Tere Peeche Peeche Dekhta
Main Rah Gaya
Kuch To Hai Tere Mere Darmiya
Jo Ankaha Sa Rah Gaya
Mein Jo Kabhi Kah Na Saka
Aaj Kahata Hu Pahali Dapha
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Me Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara

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Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Me Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Ye Ishq Ki Hai Sajisein
Lo Aa Mille Hum Dobara
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Mein Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Sarphira Sa Main Musaphir

Paau Kahi Thahare Na Mere
Phir Meri Awaragi Ko
Aane Lage Khwab Tere
Ho O Sarphira Sa Main Musaphir
Paaw Kahin Thahare Na Mere
Phir Meri Awaragi Ko
Aane Lage Khwab Tere
Ye Payaar Bhi Kya Kaid Hai
Koi Hona Na Chahe Riha
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Me Tum

Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Oh Ye Ishq Ki Hai Sajisein
Lo Aa Mille Hum Dobara
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Mein Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Tere Bin Ye Saare Mausam

Berang The, Bemaza The
Shaamil Nahi Thi Tu Jinme
Wo Saare Pal Bewajah The
Wo Zindagi Hai Hi Nahi
Jo Main Tere Bina Jee Liya
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Mein Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
O Ye Ishq Ki Hai Sajisein
Lo Aa Mille Hum Dobara
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankho Mein Tum
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
Pahali Nazar Se Hi Yara
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Deep came out of his dream.
Deep:Chee…how could I see such a shameless dream about me and Arohi?

A new admission in the school.Abhay.

All the girls were bowled over by him.He was enjoying their attention.

Abhay was introduced to the classmates by the teacher and the Principal.
Arohi thought:Before Abhay gets into Deep’s team I should make him a part of our team.Then only our team will be powerful.
Arohi went near Abhay:Hi Abhay…I am..

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Arohi was surprised:How did you know my name?
Abhay:I observed your friends calling you.I noticed you as you are the most beautiful girl in our class.
Arohi smiled:O..thank you so much for the sweet compliment.

Deep was staring at them.
Arohi looked at Deep and then told Abhay:Some senseless boys do not know to give sincere compliments to a beautiful girl.
Abhay smiled:They may be blind and crack.
Arohi:Yes..they are crack.
Deep suppressed his anger.
They had a hand shake which irked Deep.
Arohi:You are most welcome to our gang.
Abhay:Thank you so much Arohi.
She smiled.Deep was really irritated.

All the girls were around Abhay.
Deep and gang were insecure seeing that.
Deep:Why the hell all are drooling over him?What does he have?
Another boy of his gang:That’s what even I can’t understand.
One girl:He is hot.

That girl:But not as hot as you and Sanskar.
Sanskar:Whatever..after Abhay entered Arohi’s gang is shining everywhere.Even in the competitions they are winning because of Abhay.We are losing everywhere.

Deep became dull.

Abhay-Arohi became very close friends.

Their friendship was hurting Deep.

Deep went to the canteen.There he saw Arohi and Abhay eating and chatting.

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Deep became dim.

Deep:Why I feel hurt seeing Arohi with Abhay?She is my biggest enemy.Then why does it affect me?

Deep remembered the words of Sanskar and Barbie.
Deep:Am I really in love with Arohi?
Deep became emotional:May be.But no use as I am Arohi’s biggest enemy.

A test paper was going on.All were writing the test.
Accidentally Deep’s eyes fell on Abhay who was sitting on the opposite side.He was shocked to see Abhay taking out a chit from the pocket and writing the answer looking from it secretly.

Deep thought:Such a cheap person.Cheater!

The test result came and Abhay topped the class.All of them including Arohi congratulated Abhay.
Deep could not tolerate it.
Deep:He scored marks through cheating.He does’nt deserve any applause.

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Deep followed Arohi.
Deep:Arohi..I want to tell you something.
Arohi:Look Deep.I have no time to fight with you.

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Deep:I am not here to fight with you.I am here to tell you an important thing about Abhay.
Deep:Abhay is not trust worthy.I saw him copying during the test paper.

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Arohi:Stop it Deep.You know what?You are jealous of Abhay.That’s why you are accusing him like this.
Deep:You are crazy.Why should I be jealous of Abhay?
Arohi:Because Abhay is better than you in every way.
Deep:Stop it Arohi.You believe it or not that’s the truth about Abhay.
Arohi:I will never believe you.
Deep:For God sake believe me once Arohi.
Arohi:No ways.

Deep smiled sarcastically:Ok fine…your wish.

Deep walked away angrily.Arohi did not care.



An unexpected incident took place in their school.The question papers got leaked.
It created a storm in the school.
In CCTV footage they saw a masked person covered with coat and suit stealing the question paper.They could not recognize the person.But they found a ear stud from the room and concluded that the ear stud belongs to the student who stole the question paper.They investigated secretly and and found the owner of the ear stud.
The school authorities reached the classroom.
Principal:Finally we found the culprit because of the ear stud.
All were eager to hear that name.

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