Radha Mohan 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini places a condition in front of the Trivedi family

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Kaveri exclaims she got the jewelry of everyone, Damini replies there is still once piece of jewelry left that is the Mangal Sutur of Radha, everyone is shocked hearing it. Mohan takes a step towards Damini but stops, Tulsi warns her to not even think of touching the Mangal Sutur of Radha. Damini demands they should even remove it, Radha angrily twists the hand of Radha, mentioning someone people do not listen to the words, explaining she has already explained it to her before and is saying ti again that if she desires anything belonging to her husband, she will take out her eyes and crush them under her feet. Devika signals the guards to stop demanding Radha should let go of Damini, Radha quickly picks a vase threatening that if they even think of touching her, she will surely hit Damini in the head with this vase, she pushes Damini away who explains Radha would not understand it like this, she demands they should even take the Mangal Sutur from her as this also belongs to her, Radha stops everyone explaining this Mangal Sutur belongs to her Tulsi jiji and is her blessing, therefor she would never give it to Damini, Radha says she has the receipt of it which proves that Tulsi purchased it with her own money, she even warns that if Damini tries to force her, Damini must remember she has been arrested on fake charges of murder but would be arrested for murdering Damini. Radha swears on her Ba Kai Bihari jee that she would not even feel bad since even Ba kai Bihari jee is glad when criminals like her die. Damini agrees saying Radha can keep the blessing of Tulsi but she should also take something from this house, Damini explains she will bring it right now. Damini brings the portrait of Tulsi saying Radha should also take it with her, seeing this everyone is stunned. Damini explains Radha should even take Tulsi along with her Mangal Sutur.

Damini throws the portrait of Tulsi seeing which everyone gets shocked however Mohan and Radha both manage to catch the portrait before it fall, seeing which everyone is relieved. Kadambari along with Gungun take a deep breath, Radha angrily explains that Damini can neither oust the portrait of Tulsi nor her presence from this house as she was always by their side and will even remain with them. Radha mentions but today Damini has really hurt the respect of Tulsi but should always remember one thing, as nothing remains certain in this world. She is wealthy at the moment but might one day be poor, she will surely pay for her crimes and it is all a matter of time. Mohan asks Ketki to hold the portrait, explaining to Radha that there is no need to talk with Damini because if she does not care for the living then why would she think about the dead. Gungun says she does not want to go from their house. Mohan and Radha both ask Gungun to come close, explaining that wherever the family is together is the house, mentioning that all of her family members including her father, Grandmother and even aunt are by her side, Radha says wherever they go together would be their house, Gungun says but she has so many good memories in this house, as a lot has happened here and they have spent so much time here. Radha once again says wherever they go together, then would make new memories along with building a new house.

Damini interferes explaining that only Radha has to make a new house and family, as Trivedi’s and Gungun donot need it, the entire family is not able to understand anything that Damini is saying. Damini says she is gong to give them one chance as they all can live in this house just like as they had been living here, but they would have to oust Radha from this house. Kadambari angrily calls Damini, Mohan questions what is she saying, Tulsi is also not able to believe it while the entire family is tensed. Damini asks Mohan to relax explaining it is for his benefit, he should think with a cool head as his mother Kadambari is used to sleep on a nice bed and needs a lot of medicines, would she be able to sleep on the floor and remain alive without her medicines while his addicted father, `drinks a lot of expensive wine so would be able to drink the cheap alcohol, even his sister is used to wearing expensive clothes so would she be able to wear the cheap clothes while Ajeet bhai is very simple so Mohan would have to raise him. Damini asks if Mohan realized one thing that both Ajeet and Ketki are living in this house since they got everything for free while even his brother Rahul is used to expensive cars and bikes, she asks would Mohan feed them the dust. Damini accepts he can do it all but what about Gungun, how will he arrange the school fees since she studies in the most expensive school, Damini asks would he risk everything just for the sake of Radha and bring everyone on the road only for Radha . would he pay the price of loving Radha by risking the life of everyone. Damini mentions Mohan just has one option that is to throw Radha out of this house after which he will get back everything including the Trivedi publications long with the cars and shares, along with her. Tulsi questions what is Damini talking about as it is utter nonsense .

Mohan is angrily staring at Damini, Rahul says that Damini is right and why should they sacrifice so much in order to keep Radha in this house, he suggests Mohan should throw her out of this house. Tulsi asks if Rahul can understand what he is saying while Rahul says she is the reason for all these problems and why they are suffering so much, Rahul requests Mohan to understand, explaining he must think about the entire family as they would be without any home in a single moment, he pleads with Mohan to throw Radha out of the house. Dadi asks Rahul what is he saying since Radha is the wife of Mohan, she has done a lot for this family. Radha stops Dadi saying she will stand by whatever decision Mohan takes, even if it is to throw her out of this house today but she will still stand by his decision., as he is doing everything for the sake of his family. Damini asks Mohan what is his decision either Radha or his entire family. Mohan is standing there quietly, he is very tensed.

Precap: Damini breaks the name plate of the Trivedi house explaining it will the house of Damini, Radha holding the Murti mentions that Damini brings fire wherever she goes, she explains that everyone would return exactly after one month at which time Damini would pay the price as there will be MahaBharat, Damini gets worried.

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