Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider is unable to talk to Dua

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Scene 1
Gazal asks Haider to call Hafeez and asks where Kaynaat is. He calls Hafeez but he cuts it. Hafeez says they must be panicking but now they will know what its like to lose a daughter and a sister.

Dua takes Ruhaan’s phone and calls Hafeez but he doesn’t take it. He says this guy is so shameless, I will make you all cry today. Dua says Hafeez is not picking call, if he marries Kaynaat by running away with her then her life will be destroyed and Akhtar family’s honor will be tarnished. Ruhaan says my family did so bad with you and you are still worrying about their honor. I feel so ashamed for trying to kill you, we don’t deserve your love. Dua says that’s my family, its my duty to protect them. I can’t do the same what they did with me. Ruhaan says you should kill me for what I did. Dua says don’t say that, I knew you would come on the right path, you weren’t wrong but got trapped. My brother is on the wrong path, how can I stop him? Ruhaan says I think we should take Haider’s help. She calls him but its busy.

Haider tells the family that Hafeez is not picking my call. Gazal says Dua must have told him to marry Kaynaat first. Haider says you mean that Dua forced Kaynaat to run away? lets ask her then. He is about to call her. Gazal panics and thinks I can’t let him to talk to her. She takes the phone from him and says you won’t call her. Haider says lets find the truth. Gazal says she is evil, she might trap you in a lie. Hina takes Haider’s phone and tells Gazal to stop it, its about Kaynaat now. She asks Haider to call Dua and ask her where Kaynaat is. Gazal thinks if he talks to her then he will find out she is not behind this drama. Haider calls Dua but Hamida has her phone and smirks.. she says they must have found out about Kaynaat, let them cry in pain now. Haider killed my trust and didn’t care when my daughter was crying in pain, Haider never deserved my daughter. I will make his sister cry now. Haider keeps calling her but she cuts the call. Hina asks Haider what happened? He says Dua is not picking up the call. Gazal smirks and thinks this is good. She says Dua won’t pick it as she is behind Kaynaat leaving the house, Dua can’t be loyal to anyone. We are all worried for Kaynaat but Dua can’t be bothered, I curse Dua. Gulnaz says Dua keeps trying to destroy our family. Dadi asks them to shut up.. I won’t hear a word against Dua, she would never do anything like that. She won’t pick your calls after what you did. She will pick my call. She calls Dua. Hamida panics seeing that and cuts her call. She says I am sorry but I have to do this. Dadi is shocked. Gazal says she didn’t take your call right? Haider calls her again but she is not picking. Haider breaks his phone in anger. He thinks why is Dua making me believe she is behind all this. Hina curses Dua and says my daughter is gone, do something. They will destroy my daughter’s life. Haider asks her to calm down and says we need to call the police. He thinks Hafeez shouldn’t have done this, I won’t spare him. He leaves the house.

Ruhaan is driving to the house, Dua says I feel like something bad is going to happen. Ruhaan says don’t worry, we will stop Hafeez and Kaynaat then we will expose Gazal, I am with you now. Dua smiles and thinks thank God my brother is back.

Dadi cries and says I don’t know who destroyed this family’s happiness. Noor comes to Gulnaz and says I can ask my social media followers to look for Kaynaat but she stops her and says let this happen. Gazal thinks Dua broke Haider’s trust by not taking his call, he will hate her now. She consoles Hina. She sees Haider’s phone ringing and panics. She sees Ruhaan calling Haider and thinks what he wants to expose me? or what if he is with Dua? She hints at Gulnaz and leaves. Gulnaz goes behind her.

Gazal puts Ruhaan’s call on the speaker and its Dua talking. She whispers to Gulnaz that your son is with Dua now. Dua says Haider please stop Kaynaat and Haider. We are trying to find them, I am with Ruhaan. Gazal cuts the call and smirks. Dua is confused that he cut the call. Ruhaan says don’t worry, I will expose Gazal and ask Haider to throw her out. Otherside Gazal tells Gulnaz to handle Ruhaan but I will take care of everything else. Gulnaz says he is my son.. I was never given importance in this house and Hina kepts putting me down because I was a second wife but today is the first time that Hina is losing her honor, this is my victory. I won’t let this chance go, I am with you. Gazal smirks and tells her the plan. Gulnaz says wow.. this is good. Gazal says Dua will pay for Kaynaat running away with Hafeez, it will destroy Haider and Dua’s relationship. Then I will have Haider to myself

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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