Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider doesn’t reciprocate to Gazal’s love

Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gazal asks Haider if he still loves Dua? Gulnaz says you still care for the girl who destroyed our family? Hina asks if he still loves her? Ruhaan says she sent me to jail and you are still taking her side? Dadi asks Haider to tell them that he still loves Dua.. you know Dua isn’t wrong. Haider says I don’t love Dua anymore. All look on. Haider says Dua doesn’t have a place in my heart or this house.. soon we will be divorced and she will be out of our lives. Ravi hears all that and whispers that Dua is still worrying about him but he doesn’t care at all, he leaves. Haider thinks I just want Dua to move on in life and wouldn’t have any pain from my family. Hina says I promise to destroy Dua and her family.

Hamida tells Dua that you should stop caring for Haider.. he is following his father’s footsteps. He is just fooling you, can’t you see that he doesn’t love you. Ravi calls her and is crying. Hamida puts it on speaker.. Ravi tells them that Haider said he doesn’t love her anymore and he would divorce her soon. Dua breakdowns hearing that. Hamida says this is the truth about Haider, I won’t let them succeed in their plans, I will destroy their family.

Hina tells Gazal that we have to throw Dua out of Haider’s life and it will start with your baby. Gulnaz says she is right, once you have Haider’s baby then Dua won’t have any place in his life.

Haider sits alone and recalls his moments with Dua. Otherside Dua is crying for him too. Haider lies on the floor outside her room. Dua sleeps on the floor too.

Gazal says I had to work a lot but at least Dua is gone.. Haider is mine now and he will sleep in my room as I have to fulfil Hina’s wish of bearing his baby. She comes to her room and doesn’t find Haider there. She looks around and goes outside Dua’s room. She says what are you doing here? Haider says I sleep here only. Gazal says Dua is gone so what’s the point of staying here? we have to move on in life as Dua is gone, come with me. Haider says I am fine here. Gazal says did you forget Hina’s promise? you know she is ill and her only wish is to have her grandkid so come with me. She tries dragging him but Haider is crying. He says I know the promises I made but what about my happiness? people want me to be a good son, brother and a husband but what about my wishes? how can I forget my life with Dua? she was my everything, she was my life but she is gone so I have nothing left. Gazal says you lied? you still love Dua? Haider says how can I not love her when my being is owned by her. my relationship is breaking and I can’t do anything, I am totally broken. Gazal says I wish I could take your pain.. you can take as much time as you want but please come and sleep in the room. Haider doesn’t move so she leaves.

Gazal is going back to her room but feels like someone is keeping an eye on her.

Dua is lying down and says how can Haider not love me? I will die without him. Otherside Haider prays for Dua’s happiness and says I will never go near her again as I want her to be happy. They both cry to sleep. Hafeez sees Dua sleeping on the floor. Hamida comes there and says let her be. She takes him from there.

Hamida tells Hafeez to let her sleep on the floor.. she has to bear this pain, we can’t do much. A woman has to pay to love because men don’t care enough. People will taunt her after she gets divorced.. this all happened because of Haider’s family. Hafeez says she is in pain and I can’t do anything. Hamida says we have to take revenge from Haider’s family. I have to use you to take revenge, will you be with me? Hafeez says I am with you, I can do anything for Dua. Hamida thinks I will destroy Haider’s family now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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