Pashminna 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav reaching the temple and seeing Avinash’s missed calls. He calls him. Atul picks the call. Raghav says I thought that Avi uncle called me. Atul says he had only called you, I saw your call and picked it. He says you seems to be different. Raghav says I am same and is about to end the call. Avinash says Atul is right, you have changed, Kailash talked to me. Paras is angry that Raghav introduced himself as his friend in the race. He calls Nusrath bhai, who said that Raghav didn’t call him today. Kailash asks Paras if he likes Pashminna and wants to marry her. Paras says but. Kailash says you are my only son, we will go to Pashminna’s house with your shagun thaal. Paras hugs him and goes. Kailash thinks he is kailash durrani and nobody can know what he wants. Avinash asks Raghav, why did he insult Kailash? Raghav tells that Kailash was snatching house boats from its owners. He says I can think about floating hotels, if any solution is taken. Avinash asks him to apologize to Kailash, and sign the deal. Pashminna calls him. Raghav says you would have asked me before promising him. Avinash asks if I can trust you for Ayesha. Raghav says we will talk and ends the call. Pashminna asks him to come and says he has changed so much. Raghav looks on.

Preeti talks to Amrin and tells her that Raghav came as an angel and helped them. She makes her hear the house boat sound. Amrin asks from where you will get money for the repairs. Preeti checks and tells her that she got the orders. Umashankar and Baby come there holding shagun trays.

Raghav and Pashminna are praying in the temple. Pashminna prays for him. Raghav thinks he shall tell truth to her that he is engaged and don’t want to betray her. Pashminna prays that she shall tell the truth to her mother and thinks the latter will not feel bad as Raghav is not a tourist.

Kailash comes to Preeti’s houseboat. He says you must have felt proud of her as she is hardworking, though don’t know who is her father. He asks if she is shocked as her illegitimate daughter’s alliance came. He says I ignored the fact that you gave birth to the baby of unknown person, and says he wants his son to marry her. Preeti says if Pashminna likes Paras, as she didn’t tell her. Umashankar and baby ask her to agree. Preeti says I shall talk to Pashminna first, then after her consentment, I will agree. She says being a father, you shall understand that her consent is needed. Kailash says you are of modern thinking and asks Umashankar and Baby to take back Shagun thaal.

Baby scolds Preeti for not agreeing to kailash’s proposal. Umashankar says Pashminna will never get love like you. They leave.

Pashminna looks at Raghav. She sees the Chinar leaf falling on Raghav’s hand. She comes running to him to hug him. He also opens his arms wide to hug her, but they stop hearing the temple bell. He asks if you wrote this. Pashminna says I found it and that means you are not a tourist. Raghav asks why you get affected to know that I am a tourist or not.

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