Parineeti 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Tao ji and Pami start doubting Neeti

Parineeti 29th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rakesh says she was playing smart with me. I will teach her a lesson. Neeti you shouldn’t have messed with me. Sanju runs in the jungle. Jai and his goons scream in pain. Rakesh holds Pari’s hand for rituals. Pari doesn’t feel good. Rakesh takes the vows that he will always protect Pari. pari recalls when he shot Neeti. Rakesh says I vow I will always be there for my wife. Pari recalls sanju always being there for her. Rakesh vows I will stand by her. Pari recalls Sanju taking a stand for her. Pandit ji asks Pari to take vows as well that she will always be loyal to husband. Pari is silent. Rakesh says promises will be kept by both of us.Tao ji comes back home. He looks at Neeti in anger.

Pami is confused. Sanju runs in the jungle trying to find a way out. Jai runs after Sanju. Jai follows him. Tao ji says to Pami there’s something that Neeti is hiding us. Pami says what do you mean? He says Neeti said they’d left for the hotel. Tao ji says she was here all this time. Sanju was never here. He never came back hoe. Sanju’s location has been in different places. Neeti called on Rakesh’s phone. Why and when is she such good friends with Rakesh? Neeti hears all this. Salojna asks her what happened? Neeti says what will happen to my marriage. Everything will be over. I am ruining my whole life. I did everything to get Pari out of this house. When Sanju comes here everyone will know the truth and they will know I lied. Tao ji is doubting me. What will i do? Salojna says we will fix everything. Dont’ worry. Let’s get this wedding done first.

Scene 2
Sanju tries to get out of the jungle. Jai comes there. He says don’t try to run. Sanju says you can’t stop me. I know you’re wise Jai. Let me go. I won’t tell anyone. Jai says okay go. SAnju says thank you. Jai stabs him with poisonous leaf. sanju hits him and run out. Tao ji and Pami come back to the mandap. They look at Neeti. Salojna says I hope the wedding happens. Pami says to Neeti I need to talk to you. Neeti says Pari has asked me to stay here till the wedding. Can we talk later? Pami says pandit ji stop the wedding for a few minutes. I need to talk to Neeti. Gurnder says let the wedding happen first. Pami says the wedding will happen but it’s important. Pari says it’s okay you can take Neeti. Neeti is worried.

Sanju is in pain. Jai comes after him. The other goons too. Jai says where will you go now? Sanju falls in a swamp. Jai and his men laugh at him. Jai ays what will you do now? You will stay here. Rakesh will marry Pari now, and you will stay in this swamp.

Pami asks Neeti to close the door. She says I hope will answer me honestly. Neeti is scared. Pami asks neeti call Sanju right now. She says what? Pami says you said Sanju and you went to the hotel. So call him now. When did you become friends with Rakesh? Why did you call on his phone? Tell me. Neeti says I am not friends with him. Pari is my friend. Pami says dont’ lie to me.

Episode ends

Precap-Rakesh says to Sanju now i will marry Pari and you will stay in the swamp. sanju says please don’t ruin Pari’s life. He says I will make Pari’s life hell.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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