Parineeti 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti hires a hitman to kill Pari’s baby

Parineeti 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti tells Pari that I wish no one would get a best friend like you who became my sautan. Pari shouts enough.. I never wanted this to happen between you both, you both love each other and I came in this house maybe to give birth to your baby. I will leave this house once this baby is born but please don’t destroy your marriage because of me. Neeti asks her to stop her drama, you have destroyed my marriage. Pari says please don’t go anywhere. Neeti shouts enough, I am not like you that can stay here as a burden, I can’t stay here when you and Sanju are so close. Sanju says I don’t know if you can accept it or not but I can’t stop caring for Pari. Neeti cries hearing that. She says fine, you have already decided who you want, I should leave now. I would have given my life for you but you don’t deserve it. I am leaving this house. Pari says you are not going anywhere. Neeti says then you can leave as we can’t stay in the same roof. Pari says fine.. I will leave. She goes from there… it all turns out to be Sanju’s dream. He panics and says I can’t let Pari get hurt.

The hitman arrives at the house with his men.. They are all diguised as entertainers. Amit tells Tayaji that I invited them. Bebe whispers to the hitman to do her work today.

Neeti goes in a corner and cries recalling her fight with Sanju. She alter image tells her that her best friend, her husband, and his family.. all cheated her, nobody is on her side. Neeti says I know that, her alter ego tells her to kill Pari’s baby because if she gives birth to their heir then they will throw you to a corner.. don’t have any hopes from Sanju so kill this baby and end all this. Bebe comes there and asks what happened? Neeti says we have to kill this baby soon. Bebe says the hitman Shanku and Shilpa are here with his men so work will be done. Sanju comes there and says I want to talk to you. Neeti says you are late, she leaves.

Pari asks Gurpreet why is she silent? Gurpreet asks why she wants to leave this house? Pari says I can’t answer you that. Gurpreet says I am your mother and I know you are lying when you say you are happy, why you want to leave this house? Pari says I can’t tell you that. Gurpreet says I will take you but I want to know. Pari says you think I am a burden on you so I will go somewhere else. Gurpreet asks her to shut up and says I just want you to be happy. Pari says you want to know why I want to leave right? my presence hurts Neeti and I can’t see that so I will leave. Chandrika comes there and asks them to come to the function.

Shanku and his men hide in the guest room. Neeti and Bebe come there, Shanku tells Neeti that his man Rocky can hit any target even blindfolded. Neeti shows him a target and he hits it blindfolded. Neeti and Bebe are impressed. Neeti tells him to kill Pari’s baby. Shanku says we will stay nearby. They all leave. Neeti is stressed and leaves.

Gupreet bumps into Shanku and his daggar falls down, he picks it and leaves. Bebe comes there calling Shanku. Gurpreet asks who is Shanku? Bebe says I mean Lord.. she leaves. Gurpreet is confused.

Bebe comes to Neeti and says Gurpreet heard me calling Shanku but she didn’t hear anything. We have to stay here for some time.

Gurvindar tells Pari if she needs help in packing then tell her. Pari says we will leave after the pooja. Gurvindar says good. Amit comes there and tells Pami her that he called some entertainers. Monty comes there and says he did a mistake by calling them. Amit says I asked you. Neeti comes there and looks around for Rocky.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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