Parineeti 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti saves salojna

Parineeti 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salojna is scared. The video plays. She heard Pari screaming. The video shows Salojna is the corridor but then gets stuck. Pami asks what happened. Neeti says it looks like an accident. If you wanna blame me,, I wasn’t here. I only came her to see if Pari and Sanju are okay. Neeti leaves. Salojna goes after Neeti. She says thank God. Pari says I asked the man to replace the USB. I did it. She says thank you. Neeti says Pari can’t do anything. I know what to do next.

Pari cries in here room. Chandrika asks her if she’s okay. Pari says I felt weird with Neeti today. She came to ask about my wellbeing but it felt strange. Chandrika says things and people change with time. Accept it, everything will be fine. You’ve not betrayed her. She won’t forgive you. Stop worrying about her. Pari cries. Chandrika says give it a try. Salojna says to Neeti did you come here for Pari’s wellbeing? Neeti says no. She felt like a stranger for me. I came for my Sanju. I couldn’t see his pain. Salojna says I know you love Sanju a lot. Neeti says I hate Pari. I can do anything to remove her from my life. I don’t even want to see her face. She leaves. Sanju comes and stops Neeti. He says I can drop you. Neeti says you left me already. He says this is your home but you don’t wanna leave. Neeti leaves. Sanju goes after Neti and asks her to sit in the car.

Scene 2
Pami goes to police and complains about the accident. He says it could be an accident. She says I saw the gas pipeline cut. Someone did it. He says someone from your home must have done it.

Sanju says to Neeti ice cream? She says no. Neeti says stop the car. My house is left behind. He says that’s your mom’s home not your. Neeti says stop the car. She says good bye. Neeti leaves. Sanju stops her. Sanju says I am sorry. Neeti says for breaking this marriage? She leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Pami fights with Tao ji. Poeple ask what happened? She says he had sweets hidden in his room. Pari says let it be. He made a mistake. Pami says he doesn’t care about his health. Pari says we have healthy breakfast. Tao ji says that’s so cruel. Pami says you have to listen to Pari. Tao ji says okay I will eat what Pari says. Sanju looks at Pari and smiles. He says I wish Neeti was here.

Sanju’s boss comes to the house. He says I came to invite you to my wedding anniversary party. You all have to come as couples. His boss says sanju you’ve to come with your wife. His wife says you’ve to bring Neeti. That party is for couples. Neeti thinks about sanju and cries. Sukwinder comes to her. She says you’re ruining things yourself. You can’t live here crying like this. Sukwinder says but you shouldn’t have gone there like this. Neeti says when I see Sanju I fall weak. Pari has taken everything from me. Neeti cries. Bell rings. Neeti opens the door. It’s Sanju.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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