Pandya Store 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 24th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man saying Natasha has won the competition, the trophy goes to Pandya family. He asks Urmi to receive the trophy and give it to Natasha later. Amrish gives the trophy to Urmi and says congrats. The lady taunts about Natasha’s torn clothes. Dhawal scolds Natasha. She cries. He says sorry, have some water, I got worried for you. Amba says keep her away from her Dadi and Maayka, take her back home, Amrish. They leave. Suman and everyone come. Natasha hugs Suman and cries.

Amba and family come there. She says Natasha, you got us insulted in front of everyone. Suman says its not Natasha’s mistake. Amba says yes, its not her mistake, she shouldn’t play men’s game, why don’t you understand, she is our bahu. She asks would you say this to your bahu also. Suman says I would have explained her the same way instead blaming her. Amba says I can’t see my bahus doing a drama, I can’t encourage them, they are our respect. Natasha says don’t say this, I didn’t do this intentionally, it was an accident, it can happen with anyone. Amba says fine, its not allowed for my bahus, you will not participate in competitions from now. Natasha says don’t say this, I did this rasam after Shiva, it’s a legacy for us, I will be careful next time. Amba says no. Natasha says I always obeyed my mum. Amba and Amrish smile.

Dhawal says Amba is elder, if she is refusing then you should listen. Suman says listen to me. Dhawal says congrats for winning, now take retirement. Suman says relations get spoiled if you put rules. Amba argues with her. Suman says we should respect a daughter, its our duty. Amba says I m trying to do my duty, I know what to teach my bahus, I will come and take tuition from you, tell me the time. Everyone worries. Suman thinks what to do, how to handle this matter. Amba says prepare to send her to Sasural else it will be tough for her to adjust. Natasha says I will come tomorrow. Amba says you married Dhawal by your wish.

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