Meet 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet Kidnaps the Real Adil

Meet 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shlok pointing gun at Bilawal and cleverly deceives Naaz and Bilawal. He handover gun to Naaz. Naaz says to Bilawal, Adil is right you should arrest this Indian. Bilawal orders Sumeet’s arrest on charges of kidnapping Adil and Akki. However, just before she can be arrested, an officer from the Indian Embassy arrives and prevents Sumeet from being taken into custody. The officer questions Bilawal if he has any evidence against Sumeet. Sumeet, with tears in her eyes, denies the false accusations made by Bilawal. The officer sternly warns Bilawal about making baseless allegations against Indians, stating that it could become a national issue. He advises Sumeet to inform him if Bilawal harasses her again and then seeks blessings from Lord Ganesha.

Sumeet informs Bilawal that the power of her nation allowed her to overcome the false charges even though she was in their land. She warns him to treat her with respect as a guest and to allow her to leave peacefully. Bilawal smirks and mentions that even though the officer saved her this time, they will keep a close eye on her day and night from now on. Sumeet feels helpless as she watches Naaz holding Shlok’s hand and leading him away. Later, she expresses gratitude to God for allowing her to reunite with Shlok and prays for guidance on how to bring Shlok and Akki back home.

Sumeet decides to approach the Indian Embassy officer for assistance in this matter. She wonders how to contact Shlok as she doesn’t have the phone number he’s using in Pakistan. She purchases a toy helicopter and places her letter inside it. When Shlok exits Bilawal’s house, Sumeet flies the toy helicopter toward him. He picks it up and receives Sumeet’s message, informing him that she plans to meet with the Indian Embassy officers to seek their help in returning to India. Shlok writes a response message to Sumeet and sends it back using the toy helicopter.

The real Adil arrives at the scene and begins searching for Bilawal’s house. Shlok accidentally bumps into him, causing his passport to fall. Shlok checks the passport and realizes that he’s the real Adil. Shlok understands that he must prevent Adil from entering the house, or else his secret will be exposed. Shlok notices Bilawal’s presence and lies to Adil, claiming that all the family members are at the Ganesh Chaturthi pandal, attempting to divert his attention from Bilawal. Shlok takes Adil to the altar, and Adil becomes suspicious, questioning what they are doing at a Hindu religious ceremony.

Sumeet questions Shlok about Adil’s identity, and he explains that he is the real Adil and Naaz’s fiancĂ©. Meanwhile, Bilawal recalls overhearing Adil talking to someone and wonders where he disappeared to. Shlok and Sumeet decide to tie up the real Adil and abduct him to prevent him from entering Bilawal’s house. Bilawal reprimands his sub-inspector for failing to locate Shlok’s dead body but shows a photo of another deceased person whose face is unrecognizable, only identifiable by the red holy thread on their hand, assuming it to be Shlok. Sumeet keeps the real Adil captive with her.

Precap: Sumeet says to Shlok I don’t understand how we will go back to India, we are surrounded by problems.
Naaz says to Bilawal that girl tried to took Adil from us, we will destroy her completely, for that first we will hang her husband in front of everyone in market, both will not return to India and I’ll help to catch them

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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