Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shristhi starts arguing with the Inspector

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Rajveer is sitting in his cell when he hears someone coming, Rajveer is shocked to see Kavya so asks what is she doing here but she starts crying, he requests her to calm down and not cry. Rajveer explains this is not the right place for her and she must not have come here, kavya says even this place is not good for her, he requests her to not talk so politely with her. Palki gets jealous seeing them both and thinks Kavya might be the friend of Rajveer, she gets even more tensed when Rajveer wipes of the tears of Kavya. She asks why is he crying when Rajveer explains he just got tears after seeing her cry, Kavya remembers when Shaurya scolded her for crying and being emotional, kavya says she has asked everyone to take back the case but no one listened to her, Rajveer notices how the other criminals are looking at her so request her to leave this place, she says she is bad how he is locked up. Rajveer assures he has not done anything wrong but being a brother does not like the way others are looking at her, Kavya agrees and finally leaves.

Daljeet hearing the door bell ringing wonders who is disturbing her beauty sleep, she furiously goes there scolding the person and finally opening the door is shocked seeing Palki and Gurpreet. Daljeet questions where was Palki as her sister called, Daljeet asks what has happened to Gurpreet as she was not in her house along with Mohit and even their tenants were not there. Mr Khurana comes asking why is Daljeet yelling, Gurpreet informs him that she told Rajveer Mr Khurana knows some very good lawyers so he should help him, Daljeet warns them to not interfere in these matters and not involve themselves in such matters, Palki however assures that Rajveer has not done anything of the sort so Mr Khurana agrees to help Rajveer in any way possible but Daljeet warns him to not go otherwise she would keep irritating him. Mr Khurana leaves with Palki and Gurpreet while Daljeet gets furious.

Rajveer is sitting when the police bring another criminal and push him into the lockup, he asks Rajveer about his name and questions if he could not have bigger name but sits down questioning why was he locked here, Rajveer mentions he was blamed for stealing from the Luthra’s, the criminal questions how much money did he steal when Rajveer says that he has not stolen anything, the criminal says he would have to say this just like it, Rajveer angrily says he has not stolen any money when the criminal agrees and then requests him to become his partner, but Rajveer questions why is he talking like this and must remain quiet, the constable Patel comes asking who is fighting and then sees Rajveer with the criminal so asks Rajveer to come out otherwise the criminal would start fighting with him.

The inspector says that Rajveer must not fight with anyone here, Shristhi rushes to meet Rajveer and requests the inspector to let her meet her son just once since she has come here to Mumbai but the Inspector refuses to allow her, she requests him once again explaining he should not involve law between a mother and her son but the Inspector replies Rajveer has not come here for any picnic but has been arrested as he is a criminal, Shristhi warns him to not call them criminals since they are respected people and the crime has not been proven on her son, she threatens to hire a lawyer and make sure her son is released from the jail. Mohit goes to Rajveer explaining his mother is really daring as she is arguing with the police, Rajveer requests Mohit to calm down and not say anything, Rajveer asks Shristhi to calm down, she questions the inspector on whose orders did he arrest Rajveer since there has not been even a formal complaint, the inspector warns Shristhi is saying a lot and should leave, she replies she would only leave with her son, the inspector threatens that Shristhi would have to bear a lot of consequences but Shristhi is not moved even a bit and demands that the constable should release her son, hearing this the Inspector gets furious so instructs the constable to even lock Shristhi in the cell.

Sandy asks Shauyra to drink after a cheers up but he just keep drinking it, Shaurya is recalling how Kavya got furious with him and demanded that he should leave while even his father scolded him, Sandy asks why is Shaurya so furious even now, he says that his family does not understand him even a bit and everyone is against him but only his mother is caring for him, but because of him he is in so much problem. Sandy says everything was happening because of Rajveer because he only fights with Shaurya but behaves very nicely with his family which he saw in the function of his sister, and he only desires to ruin the image of Shaurya, he remembers when Rajveer pitched his idea in the meeting which even his father approved. Shaurya leaves saying he will come back after a while.

Kavya enters the house when the driver brings her mobile for her, Nidhi calls him to come abck and then questions where did he take Kavya, the driver replies he went to the police station with her, Nidhi gets furious asking him to come back on time.

Shristhi questions why was she sent to the lockup as she only came here to free her son, Rajveer requests her to calm down. Mohit also asks the Inspector why did he lock Shristhi when she only came here to free her son, the inspector gets furious at Mohit. Shristhi asks why is he replying as if even he gets locked up so who would hire a lawyer. Shristhi asks Rajveer if Preeta di has found out the entire truth about him being her son, Mohit say that no one knows the truth, she asks if he told Mohit hearing which Shristhi gets worried but Rajveer replies that he will not tell anyone, Shristhi accepts it since he did not even tell her anything. Shristhi questions the Inspector to let her go since only then would she hire a lawyer and help her son. Rajveer questions where is Maa, he notices there is something which they all are hiding so asks what is it, Mohit informs Preeta je is in the hospital hearing which Rajveer is shocked. Preeta is still unconscious on the hospital bed.

Rakhi reaches the house of Rajveer with Rishab, and keeps ringing the door bell but no one answers, she says that she feels they have made a mistake when Rishab asks her to remain calm informing she tried to stop Rajveer from being arrested but it did not have any affect, Rakhi after ringing the bell asks what should they do now when Rishab asks her to come since they cannot wait.

Rajveer gets shocked asking why is Maa in the hospital, Shristhi informs she is being treated and a couple is by her side, Rajveer exclaims that nothing of the sort would have happened if he was present by her side, Rajveer requests the inspector to let him go since his mother is in the hospital, Shristhi also demands to leave hearing which the Inspector gets furious questioning why have they made this police station in a market, he threatens to beat them if they speak again. Shristhi requests the Inspector to let Rajveer go as he will surely come back hearing which the Inspector says he feels that they are liars, he mentions he can even believe Shristhi but not Rajveer. Mohit gets furious explaining the Inspector is mistaken since Rajveer is a true and honest person who can never be a criminal. Inspector replies that he is a liar because Shristhi first came claiming to be his mother and now he has just said that his mother is in the hospital so what is going on here, hearing this Shristhi and Rajveer get worried.

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