Keh Doon Tumhein 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant falls in danger

Keh Doon Tumhein 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant calling out Bittu. Bittu steps back. Vikrant asks do you want me to die here, I can’t see you upset. Bittu lifts a big boulder. Kirti and Mirajkar meet Jadhav. Jadhav says you mean to say Bittu can make us reach Anjali’s BF. Kirti says yes. Mirajkar says his house is locked. Jadhav asks Garud to call Bittu. Vikrant says I trust you a lot, so you know everything about me, no one else knows it, we are together since many years. Bittu cries and says four years, Sarkar. Vikrant hears him. Garud says he isn’t answering. Jadhav says you would have got him in jail yesterday, I m Singham of Panchghati. Kirti says we can trace his location by his phone. Vikrant says you know me the best. He emotionally blackmails Bittu.

He says I respect you, will you leave me to die, did I make some mistake. Bittu says no. He comes to Vikrant. He asks will you kill me like others, you got me here to kill me. Vikrant says no, alcohol is playing with your mind, I have no family, just you, how did you think. Bittu says I thought you will kill me.

Vikrant controls anger and lies to him. He says I spoke to principal’s house to speak about his niece and your marriage, I think a lot for you, but no use, I m stuck here, you misunderstood me. Bittu cries. Vikrant says let me die, you go from here, take care, drink less alcohol, go. Bittu says don’t say this, forgive me, I won’t let anything happen to you, I will save you. Vikrant asks what will you do, go and get some strong rope. Bittu gives a tree branch. It breaks. They fall. He says I made a mistake again. Vikrant says go and get a strong rope, you can save me. Bittu says don’t lose courage, I will save you. He runs. Jadhav says if Vikrant talks to SP Sir, then we can trace the phone. Kirti calls Vikrant. He doesn’t answer. Mirajkar says I will go and try to get info about Bittu. She says good idea, I will go home and try to talk to Sarkar. Bittu looks for the rope. Mirajkar is at the taxi stand. He asks about Bittu.

Bittu drives off to the market. Kirti finds Vikrant’s house locked. Vikrant says it shouldn’t rain. Madhuri says he isn’t answering my calls. Kirti says I will try again. Madhuri says okay. Kirti says where did he go. Bittu goes to the shop and buys a rope. Mirajkar sees his taxi. Bittu sees him and says I had beaten him yesterday, what is he doing. Mirajkar calls Kirti and says Bittu’s taxi is here. She says I will come. Mirajkar sees Bittu leaving. He follows him. Kirti is leaving. Madhuri stops her. It starts raining. Vikrant worries seeing the water filling the pit. He calls Bittu. Bittu sees Mirajkar and says why is this man following me. he doesn’t answer the call.

Vikrant thinks to do something. He gets a stick in the water. He checks Kirti’s missed calls. He thinks will I get help from Kirti, I can’t trust her, if she reaches here then…. He shouts. He calls Kirti. Kirti is busy in aarti. He thinks who to call to get saved, will I look weak in front of Kirti, I will be alive. He calls her again. His phone falls in the water.

Vikrant finds his phone. He messages his location to Kirti. She rushes to the jungle. She shouts to him and sees his car. Vikrant sinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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