Keh Doon Tumhein 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Ganesh

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant calling Bittu and saying that carpenter is here in the yatra, come fast. Madhuri stops him and says you look good, Kirti also looks good, right. Kirti asks him to ignore Madhuri’s words. He excuses himself. Bittu comes there and calls Vikrant. He says there are many policemen here, did police get him. Vikrant says no, find him. They look for Ganesh. Madhuri says whoever gets this garland gets the Devi’s blessing. Kirti says its just a ritual, Devi blesses the one who really prays from true heart. She talks to Puru. Constable talks to Yadav and jokes on him. The pandit throws the garland in the air. Ganesh sees the police and runs. The people rush to get the garland. Kirti runs after Puru. Puru runs downstairs. Vikrant comes infront of Ganesh and stabs him. He says you have done theft in the wrong house. The garland falls in Kirti’s neck. Madhuri says amazing, I told you about Devi’s blessings, now you will get married. Vikrant applies the colour to his face. Ganesh’s body falls on the stairs. Everyone is shocked. Kirti hugs Puru.

The police comes to check. Constable sees Kirti and says wherever she goes, a dead body is found. Vikrant comes and acts good. He sends Puru. He asks Kirti to come with her. Kirti goes with her family. Puru asks how did that man die. Madhuri lies to him. Kirti asks Shreyas to take care of Puru. Vikrant asks Yadav not to make the case big. He says I will talk to pandit ji and resume the yatra, just wash off the blood stains in the Devi temple. Yadav puts the water. Constable says you are wiping off the evidence. Vikrant says just think of your promotion. The media comes to stop the police. Vikrant asks them to respect Aai’s welcome and not stop the police work. The man says don’t worry, the yatra won’t stop.

Vikrant is with Kirti’s family. They talk about the murder. Puru cheers up Kirti. She says I will never cry. Sudhakar says Kirti’s fate is such, wherever she goes, someone dies. Dadi asks him to stop it, Kirti will feel sad. Yadav comes and says I have to ask Kirti some questions. He asks Kirti did you see anyone with a weapon. She says no. Vikrant says parents won’t send their children to boarding school here, don’t know who was he. Sudhakar says he was the carpenter. Vikrant asks what, I couldn’t see his face in a hurry, he looked worried when he came home, he told me that he took some loan and some people are after his life, maybe that’s why he got murdered, how can someone kill for money, its my money, I should have given him some advance that day.

Constable gets a call. He says we will come, Mane Sir got a proof. Vikrant asks Yadav to update him. Vikrant sees Kirti and thinks you should have never met me, our connection is just hurting us. Bittu worries. He imagines Vikrant stabbing him. His phone rings. He answers Vikrant’s call. Vikrant asks did you get that necklace. Bittu says no, I didn’t get it here. Vikrant says clean that place well, don’t leave any clue for the police. He sees Kirti. He gives her the garland and says its Aai’s blessing. She talks of Anju. He says I can become your worry tree, I m a good listener. She says I feel I made a big mistake by coming here.

Kirti says I want to give a good upbringing to Puru. He says no mum can be wrong. Ritu comes to meet Vikrant and says we had gone to meet the carpenter, he got murdered. He thinks to kill her if she becomes a threat for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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