Junooniyat 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan faces off everyone at the engagement

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Scene 1
Ilahi and family come to the engagement. Ilahi comes wit Jordan. People tell how pretty Ilahi is. Rasika says Mahip Jordan runs around Ilahi. Bebe says it’s good that he loves his wife. Jahan also comes to the party. He calls his dad and says I’ve reached. The bride says to Jordan your wife is so pretty. Jahan meets his uncle. He says wow you look handsome. Whoever gave you this suit, it’s good. He says I got it for Mintu. He says call him Nitin. He’s not Mintu anymore. Seerat calls Jahan and says how many girls hit on you so far? He laughs. She says are you fine with audience setting? I sent it to you. The engagement starts. The ring falls frm the girl’s hand and falls in Jahan’s feet. He picks it an gives it to the girl. Everyone sees Jahan. They’re shocked. Jahan is shocked too. Jordan wonders what is he doing in Chandigarh. Ilahi looks away. Mahip says what the hell. I thought I destroyed him. How is he back. Jahan looks at Ilahi.

Dada ji meets the family. The couple calls Mehta family on the stage for a photo. Jordan keeps looking at Jahan in anger. Jahan’s uncle asks him to go and meet Nitin. Bebe gets emotional. Dada ji says don’t look at the ones who are gone. Bebe says should I talk to Jahan once? He’s our child. I feel so restless. i wanna ask how are our Baljeet and Dolly. Dada ji says don’t you think I want to hug him too? But when I see and think our jordan could go to jail because of him forever, I get angry. Mahip and Inder were right. Bebe says my heart doesn’t agree that Jahan or Baljeet could do something like that.

Jahan goes on the stage. Ilahi says to jordan should I get you a cold drink to avoid Jahan. Jordan holds Ilahi’s hand tightly. He drags her to a side. Jahan meets Nitin. Mahip stops him and drags him. Jordan says to Ilahi you knew Jahan is in Chandigarh right? Ilahi says Jordan please. What happened to you. Everyone is seeing. She says I’ve never met Jahan even once after our marriage. I got married to you. Jordan says you’re lying. I don’t trust you. You knew he was here and you hid it. Mahip says to Jahan what are you doing here? He says did I ask you what are you doing here? She says they’re our business partners. Jahan says they’re my relatives as well. Mahip says I don’t care. Why did you come back to India? What’s your agenda. Stay away from my son and DIL. You know what can I do for my family. Jahan says family? That word doesn’t look good on you. I can die for my family. People who are not scared of death are not scared of anyone. Waiter brings juice for Mahip. she throws it. Jahan picks the glass for the waiter and apologizes to him. Jahan says you, I am not a puppet like your Jordi. You can’t stop me. Do whatever you want.

Ilahi says Jordan please don’t do any drama here. They’re dad’s business partners. Jordan says we will talk here only. He grasps her tightly. Jordan says you knew right? You knew he’s gonna come here. Everyone looks at Ilahi and Jordan. Ilahi says please leave me. Dada ji stops Jordan. He says are you out of your mind? Bebe says she’s your wife. This is shameul. He says what about what she’s doing? She knew he lover is gonna come here. When we were shocked, she was relaxed. She knew Jahan was gonna come here. That’s why she came here all dressed. Ilahi is shocked. Ilahi says no I had no idea. I’ve never met him after our wedding.

Scene 2
Mahip says to Jahan you’re threatening me? I thought you’d be busy in getting your parents treated. By now you must have sold everything in your house. But looks like you’re suited here. Giving expensive gifts. Did you do a fraud like your dad? Jahan recalls his dad ccrying and say he didn’t do any fraud. Mahip says of course, like father like son. Jahan says you’re a fraud and don’t you dare to take my dad’s name. It won’t be good for you. Inder looks at them. He says to Jahan what are you saying? I thought your parents at least taught you how to behave with elders. How dare you talk to my wife like this? Jahan says my parents taught me how to talk to elders like. But ask your wife why was she threatening me.

Dada ji gets mad at Jordan and says what even are you doing? You start drama everywhere. Do you even see where we are. Ilahi cries and says trust me Jordan. I’ve never even spoken to Jahan after the wedding. I had no idea. Bebe takes Ilahi with her. Rasika says she got us embarassed again. Jordan leaves in anger. Varun stops and asks where are you going? He says to talk to that Jahan. Varun stops him. Nitin asks is everything okay? Dada ji jokes and says he wants to drink more. Bebe says to Ilahi he’s an idiot but you’re wife. Please fix your face. it’s about our family. Ilahi agrees. Jahan says let me also ask you a question uncle. I mean Mr. Inder Mehta, you’ve forgotten all the relationships. Does your conscience lets you sleep at night? DO you remember your promise? That you made to your brother Baljeet Mehta? That in one year you will bring him back to India to his home. Jahan says don’t be shocked. Papa told me everything. How someone else did the fraud and he was accused. Mahip says what rubbish. Jahan says it’s the truth. Do biji and dada know about it? I am sure you lied to them as well. Should i tell them myself? Let’s get their opinion on it. Bebe looks for Inder and Mahip. Bebe and dada ji come there.

Jahan looks at them and biji bauji are here. Jahan touches dada ji’s feet. He says please give me blessings. Bebe gives him blessings. She cries. Dada ji says after what your dad did to us, and what you did to our Jordan, will I give you blessings? Jahan says one day you will and I will wait for that day.

Episode ends

Precap-Jordan hits Jahan and says how dare you touch my wife. Ilahi stops Jordan. Jahan shoves Jordan and Inder falls as well. Ilahi slaps Jahan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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