Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv gets shot to save Samar

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili welcoming Ranimaa in the palace. Ranimaa asks how did you arrange so much money in a short time. Surili says it doesn’t matter. Shiv asks her to say. Surili says I have sold my café and its franchise, Pammi bought a small café, and I sold my parents’ properties also. Shiv asks what. Surili says its okay, I love you all. Shiv thanks her. Ranimaa says I promise, I will make your café for sure. Samar calls the builder. He stops Roshni. He says traitor, cheater, what shall I call you, you backstabbed me, you changed your colour, I promise you, I will reveal all your secrets, one good deed doesn’t wash off all the sins. She says you also reform, I didn’t know you want to ruin this family, there is goodness behind every evil, I got to know your truth when I joined hands, why are you crying, you had a taste of your own medicine, you won Raghav’s trust and cheated him, I did the same with you. She goes. He says I will show you… Ranimaa sits on the throne. Ranimaa and everyone smile. Samar comes there. Raghav goes to punch him. Ranimaa stops Raghav. Raghav says punish me, but don’t stop me this time, I will kill him. Ranimaa says its his values to cheat us, he tried to make us out of our house, he couldn’t stay in front of the power of unity. She scolds Samar. She says I have no complains, goodness always wins, Surili explained me that you are doing this to heal your wound, I want to advice you, make this wound your strength, not weakness, anger and revenge are a sign of weakness. Shiv says we have no place for him in our lives, no use to talk to him, make him out of the palace.

Ranimaa says I hope Samar ends the enmity today, if you have Suchitra’s values, then leave the anger, I know Suchitra, she won’t be happy with your behavior. Samar goes. Surili asks her to stop Samar. Ranimaa says decisions are taken from mind, not heart, you saw his behavior, Shiv, you explain your wife, else anyone will fool Surili. Shiv asks Surili to forget it as a bad dream.

Roshni asks Mohit to have food. Mohit says I m done. Ranimaa comes and feeds him. Roshni smiles. Ranimaa says go and play. She says Roshni, I accepted Mohit, not you, we know your motive of coming here. Shiv and Surili come. Surili thanks Roshni for saving them. Ranimaa says Roshni can’t stay here. She asks Shiv to get Roshni’s treatment done in Mumbai by the best doctors. Surili says Roshni helped us, so we are here. Ranimaa says she helped us for Mohit’s sake. Surili says we can’t make Mohit and his mum away. Ranimaa says you got mad to shelter Roshni, who loved Shiv. Roshni says I love Shiv and I will always love him. She cries. She says I came here for Mohit’s rights and something else, I wanted to take Surili’s place, but I have realized that you both are made for each other, I m sorry, I lied about the treatment, I don’t have cancer, I hired actors instead doctors to act of fake cancer. Shiv asks what, such a big lie. She says sorry, I love you, I respect you both, I came here to get Shiv, but I got a younger sister here, I know my mistake is too big, I didn’t realize that I chose a wrong way, now I have understood it, seeing Surili, I have decided to choose the right path, when Mohit left me and comforts, he decided to stay with you all, I realized he is just like Shiv, so I have decided…. They hear some sound and go out to see. Some men beat up Samar. Ranimaa asks who are they, why are they beating Samar. Sam calls the police station. Ranimaa asks why are you doing a drama here, what do you want. The man says he said we will get the palace, I want this palace. Ranimaa says this palace is of Barot family, it can’t be yours, go away. Maan says Samar is our brother, don’t beat him. He asks Raghav to do something. Raghav signs no. He says I m getting peace. He says beat him and kill him. Ranimaa asks Maan not to intervene. Shiv goes and saves Samar.

Shiv and Samar fight. Surili stops Maan and says stay here, don’t worry, Shiv is there. The man shoots Samar. Shiv sees this and runs to save Samar. He pushes Samar and gets shot. Samar is shocked. Everyone shouts Shiv…..

The police comes. The man flees. Everyone runs to hold Shiv. Surili and Ranimaa ask Shiv to open eyes. Sam calls the doctor. Ranimaa asks doctor to do anything but save Shiv. Raghav says those men will get arrested. Surili sees Samar and cries. She asks why did you come here now. She scolds Samar. She says I m a fool that I tried to understand your pain, you have…. Samar says I m really sorry, it wasn’t my motive, Shiv came in between. Surili says he wanted to save his brother, you wanted to kill him. Roshni cries. Surili says I always stood by you, go away, leave Samar. Samar turns to leave. Doctor comes running and says Shiv had loss of blood, his blood group is AB-, arrange it fast. Ranimaa says our blood group isn’t AB-. Raghav and everyone try to arrange blood. Surili prays for Shiv.


Ranimaa says I have five sons from today. Samar says Maa and hugs her. Surili sits on the throne.

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