Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar fools Sam and Maan

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi worrying for Surili. Diya comes from school. She says my special guest is coming, promise me, you will allow him. Sasha asks her to let Surili rest. Surili says no, I will cook, what shall I make. Diya tells her the dishes. Surili thinks of Shiv. Diya says you are my magical Maasi. Mithi comes home. Swati scolds her. She asks her to pack her bags and leave. Mithi apologizes. Samar comes and stops Mithi. He says you don’t wish bad for this family, you didn’t do anything wrong, go in, take care of yourself and Sam. Mithi goes. Swati asks how dare you go against me, what was this, I m the bahu of this palace, its my right to decide.

Samar says think from mind to show right. She asks him to say it clearly. He says have a seat, it’s a loss for us if Mithi goes, I have done this to keep Sam away from this controversy, she can go out and tell everyone, she will join Surili’s side. He compliments her. She smiles. He goes. She says he is charming and dangerous, I don’t know what is he. He says keep thinking, this charm won’t let you go away from me. Shiv greets Surili. She asks what are you doing here. He says I think the food is ready. Diya says he is my special guest, he will stay with us. Pammi says no. Diya says its my house also, I promised prince uncle that he can stay here. Shiv says yes, promise shouldn’t be broken, especially when it’s a marriage vow. Diya says I won’t have food and water until you all agree. Surili says okay fine, your friend can stay here. She asks Shiv to take some steam. Sam sees the video and says its morphed, no one will believe it. He gets the message. Samar comes. Sam says I didn’t do anything. Samar says its okay if you took drugs, I won’t tell Ranimaa, don’t take stress, I m there. He asks Mithi to take care of Sam. Sam asks how will we give money to him. Samar says I m there, its an elder brother’s duty, I will give the money, don’t worry, delete the video. Sam thanks him. Samar smiles. Pammi makes food and gets angry on Shiv.

Shiv says okay, Nani and mumma gave the clothes, thanks. Diya says Surili cries a lot, she doesn’t like to stay here, take her home. He says I promise, I won’t make her cry, I will take her home. Samar and Sam leave. He says I m there, I will handle it, just do it alone, if media knows it, it will be an unwanted controversy. Sam thanks him. Maan says stop, where are you taking Sam. Sam says I have to take notes from a friend. Maan says I will take you. Samar says I would love to help, don’t worry, I m taking him today, I will take you tomorrow. They leave. Maan thinks. He follows.

Sasha adds the chilli in Shiv’s food and thinks you have hurt my sister a lot. Pammi comes and she also adds the chilli in the food. She asks everyone to come. Shiv comes. Diya says you look funny. Surili smiles. Samar says give him money and ask him to delete the video. Sam says yes, thanks. He gives the money and says delete the video. The guy says done. Sam goes to Samar and smiles. Samar asks feeling better. Sam says yes. Maan looks on and thinks what’s happening, why did Sam give the bag to that guy, what’s in that bag, that guy can tell me. He goes to see. He sees Samar. He says what’s going on. Shiv says Surili, you made my fav dishes today. He eats and finds it spicy. He thinks Surili wants to punish me, its okay. He eats the food and cries. Surili tastes the curry and coughs. She says this is really spicy, don’t eat. He says I will have it. She says don’t eat, its spicy for you. Sasha says let it be, please don’t eat. Shiv says I have no problem if Surili wants to punish me. Pammi says no, she didn’t do anything, I did this. Sasha says yes, I also did it. Surili says you two…. Diya says you troubled my special guest, I m upset with you both. Pammi says forgive us. Shiv says its my mistake, I have hurt Surili’s heart, I deserve this, I m ready to eat the chilli box, you are also my family. Surili gets ice gola and asks him to have it, he will feel better. Shiv asks her to feed it to him. Pammi says feed it to him, else I won’t get a peaceful sleep. Surili feeds the ice gola to him. Shiv thinks I will make Surili admit her love, I will take my bride with me.

Shiv asks Surili to forgive him. Samar confesses love to Swati. He hugs her. Maan looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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