Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Deepak sends Purushottam to jail.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Bhim Rao and his family are prepared with broom sticks. Hitesh makes fun of them for doing everything odd. Everyone grabs a broom stick. Seva Ram Baba taught that with clear intentions everything seems a weapon. Purushottam laughs at them for cleaning Bombay for free. Bhim Rao calls Deepak, he comes from outside. Bala questions where he was. Deepak wants to start cleaning from here, he has brought police to file a case against his father for threatening to kill his mother. Purushottam questions him for filing a case against his father. Purushottam’s mind needs to be cleaned, only than would that broom be put to its rightful use. Police dragged Purushottam out of the house. Hitesh wants Shoba to stop this, but she sides with Bhim Rao. Everyone leaves.

Seva requests Vaijnath and the manager to give Bhim Rao his job back or the broom will take it from them is the worst way. Vaijnath explained everything to Seva already, he doesn’t mind having another competition. Vaijnath is the present, not the garbage he can clean. Seva Ram Baba and the people he supports would be the first ones to be removed in the name of cleaning. Seva asks them to listen to the noise of time, who will win and write history. He asks if Vaijnath is able to hear something. Vaijnath questions, Seva shows them Bhim Rao and his chawl members cleaning the floor. Vaijnath mocks them for sweeping the floor. Shishupal wonders how this would get Bhim Rao his job. Seva warns them about a storm.

Jijabai cleans her house, releases Bhim Rao winning in front of her everything. She throws the broom in anger. Meera enters the house, Jijabai refuse to have a lecture today. Meera knows that Jijabai is worst of all, worst for all. Jijabai refuses, she is bad for Bhim Rao only. Meera denies it, saying that bad is bad for everyone, not for someone specific. Jijabai argues, Meera speaks value, Jijabai’s family is throwing the broom everyone is using as a tool, she is not even supporting her husband. Jijabai can not support her husband supporting Bhim Rao. Meera wants Jijabai to learn from Rama. Jijabai mocks Meera for her time with husband, and she leaves. Meera assures that she would have never returned back is her in laws were same as Jijabai. Meera cries because Jijabai doesn’t know her much.

A man throws garbage for chawl members to clean. Bala questions him for misbehaving, the man argues, he is only giving them their work to do. Bhim Rao stops Bala from fighting, it would cause more havoc. Ramji requests Bala to remain silent. Seva stops the man to teach a lesson, tells that the world would be a clean place when the garbage producers are wise.

Hitesh brings Purushottam food. The office allows, Purushottam’s crime isn’t that deep. Hitesh requests the office to stop Bhim Rao. He created a Deepak, more people like him would cause havoc in society. The officer tells that Purushottam lost to his son because of his own mistake. Hitesh tells that Shoba doesn’t care about his husband.

Shoba stops eating realizing that Purushottam might be hungry. Deepak asks her not to worry about that troubling man. Rama stops Deepak, he questions. Rama knows the importance of a husband in a woman’s life, despite him being good for her or not. Deepak asked if he was a criminal for sending his father to jail, he went to ask Bhim Rao. Rama consoles Shoba, Hitesha and Janardan must have taken food for Purushottam. Shoba hates men refusing to understand their love for them, husband is a woman’s whole life while they only keep her in a corner. Rama asks her to be patient, feeds her food.

The Episode Ends.

Update Credit to: Sona

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