Shoaib Ibrahim shares a heartfelt moment with Ruhaan as ‘Ajooni’ completes one year

Shoaib Ibrahim shares a heartfelt moment with Ruhaan as ‘Ajooni’ completes one year

Shoaib Ibrahim, after a hiatus of three years, made a triumphant return to television with the show Ajooni. Recently, as the show completed a successful year, fans flooded him with congratulatory messages, celebrating Rajveer’s journey and more. In a gesture of gratitude, Shoaib took to his Instagram handle to share an endearing picture with Ruhaan.

Reflecting on the beautiful year that has passed, Shoaib wrote, “When this journey started a year ago… I never imagined that it would be celebrated in such a special way, completing a year… One year of Rajveer Bagga… One year of Ajooni!”

Fans expressed their love with amusing edits, one of which featured Shoaib’s first vlog, where he announced his comeback to TV after three years. In the vlog, he expressed his gratitude to his patient fans and introduced them to the show Ajooni, which has now made Rajveer Bagga a household name.

Earlier in an interview, Shoaib revealed his initial plan to quit the show to take care of his wife Dipika and their newborn. He shared, “I had informed the producers that I am leaving the show. This is the first time I am revealing this. During Dipika’s nine months of pregnancy, I couldn’t be with her as much as I wanted to. Although I tried my best to make time after shoots, now Dipika and the baby need me. Work will always be there, but family comes first. Our industry allows us to work at any age, so I am sure I’ll find opportunities.”

However, with the understanding and cooperation of the production house, Shoaib decided to continue with the show. The revised shoot schedule allows him to balance work and home responsibilities, and he is handling both with dedication. His co-star, Ayushi Khurana, shared how the shoot timings have been adjusted to accommodate Shoaib’s commitment to family, making it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for the entire team.

As Ajooni marks a memorable year, Shoaib Ibrahim and the show’s team are basking in the love and appreciation from their devoted fans, and the journey promises to hold even more remarkable moments ahead.

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