Sri Lankan MP Arrested: Sri Lankan MP caught at airport with 3.5 Kg gold, arrested

Sri Lanka MP Arrest: Sri Lankan opposition MP Ali Sabri Rahim was arrested at Colombo International Airport on Tuesday (23 May). He was arrested for carrying 3.5 kg of gold. Officials said that the Airport Custom Authority detained Rahim in the VIP lounge with gold worth more than 65 lakhs. Ali Sabri Rahim had returned to his country from the Middle East when he was detained. Rahim is a member of the Muslim Minority Party. Rahim was elected to Parliament in August 2020. 

Significantly, Sri Lanka is in the grip of economic crisis since last one year. India gave full support in Sri Lanka’s difficulties. Countries around the world helped Sri Lanka but till now this country has not recovered from the crisis. The crisis has also affected the standard of living of the people of Sri Lanka to a great extent. The situation is that there has been a huge decline in the consumption of electricity in the country. 

Sri Lanka is unable to recover from the economic crisis 

Earlier many consumers were ‘high grade’ They were in the lower ranks now. Along with this, at present, this country is still struggling with fuel crisis. To overcome this, Sri Lanka has signed an agreement with China’s oil and gas company Sinopec. President Ranil Bikramsinghe himself gave this information on Monday. 

India helped a lot 

Earlier, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has already said that India will cooperate fully to encourage maximum investment in Sri Lanka’s economy. India has helped Sri Lanka with about $ 4 billion to get out of the economic crisis. Foreign Minister has said that for us, it is a neighborhood issue first and it is not right to leave the partner at this time. 

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