Watch: The beauty of the female doctor who came on the field after the injury of the batsman won the hearts of the fans! watch viral video

Social Media Viral: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in the viral video on social media that the bowler’s ball hit the batsman during the cricket match. After which the batsman suffered a lot of injuries. But after this a female doctor came on the field to treat the injured batsman. This female doctor treated the injured player. However, now the video is becoming very viral on social media. Apart from this, social media users are continuously giving their feedback by commenting.

Video went viral on social media

On social media, the fans became convinced of the beauty of the female doctor. Social media users are continuously commenting on the beauty of the female doctor.

Cricket fan’s new crush
The player was injured but the focus of the online community was on the female doctor.

— Isha Singh (@being_isha_) July 25, 2023

— Out Of Context Cricket (@GemsOfCricket) July 18, 2023

தீம்ல இந்தமாரி a doctor வித்தா மண்டேல இல்லை இல்லா.. தோண்டைல கூடி வாங்கள்லாம்.. 😊😜😍

— அராத்து (@Araathu_) July 18, 2023

kitni cute hai bhai😍😍😍😍😍

— Tushar Dingare (@tushardingare1) July 19, 2023

Which team are you?"">

— 🥇🏌️Deepanshu🎀🇮🇳 (@Cadipanshu29) July 19, 2023

Ofc I’d get hurt on purpose😍😍😍

— huit (@_huit_66) July 18, 2023

A woman is doing her duty and some cheap people made a cheap edit out of it and this acc even shared it. Typical south asian mentality.

— Shazma Gilani (@ShazmaSpeaks) July 18, 2023

The beauty of the female doctor won the hearts of cricket fans

It can be seen in this viral video that the batsman tries to leave the fast bowler’s ball, but the ball hits the body. After which the female doctor enters the field. The beauty of this female doctor won the hearts of cricket fans. Now this video is becoming very viral on social media.

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