Duleep Trophy 2023: Wasting time to win the match? Controversy over Duleep Trophy semi-finals

Duleep Trophy 2023 South Zone vs North Zone 2nd Semi-Final: The second semi-final match of Duleep Trophy 2023 was played between South Zone and North Zone. South Zone won it by 2 wickets. There was a dispute after this match. There is a serious allegation on the North Zone. It is alleged that the team adopted the strategy of wasting time to win the match. Although this could not happen. The North Zone bowler took about 4 minutes and 43 seconds to bowl three balls. This match could be canceled due to rain and low light. But South Zone won.

Actually, on the last day of the match, South Zone needed 219 runs to win. Had this match been a draw, the North Zone team would have reached the finals. North Zone had taken a lead of 3 runs on the basis of first innings. So according to the rules, if the match was a draw, she would have reached the final. In such a situation, the team was accused of wasting time in the last over of the match. A bowler of the team took about 4 minutes and 43 seconds to bowl the last three balls.

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