Sapno Ki Chhalaang 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika argues with Hrithik

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hrithik saying I will handle it. Radhika says it’s a big risk for me, try to understand. He says I m in your life now, I will explain Priyal, will life end, I will get your job in any other IT company, what’s the big deal. She asks what. He says I have good contacts, I promise, you will get a good job, just relax. She says I didn’t come here to do job in any other company, ACS is my dream company. He asks what’s wrong to shift to any other company, everyone does it for career growth. She says they do it by their growth, I wanted to do something for my family, I like to work here, this job matters a lot, I want to work for my own self, I can’t leave this job, I want to stay here and get my job confirmed. He says there are better job opportunities, you shouldn’t get senti about a company. She asks isn’t my wish imp. He says you are misunderstanding me. She says if its easy to switch jobs, then you do and go to any other company, you can’t do it right, think from my point of view. He says you are stubborn, this expectation is wrong. She argues. She says its wrong to leave the job to marry a person I know since a month. He says you are a trainee here, I m at a senior position, I can’t risk my career, you are thinking nonsense. She says I won’t compromise with my job, I won’t leave it. She cries and leaves. Jairam scolds Lucky. Radhe looks on.

Lavi and Mili wait at the door. Lucky says you got them married suddenly, you didn’t inform the family. Jairam says I have decided it for the family’s betterment, if anyone has a problem, then can leave the house. Zeeshan says Radhika, you are talented, you can get the job anywhere. She says I won’t go from here, I will break this engagement, I won’t lose my dreams. Abhishek says there is a good news. Vrinda says then get happy and say. He says I got a good job. Vrinda and Kittu hug him and congratulate. He says I have to go to Delhi. Vrinda asks is the job in Delhi. He says yes. Kittu asks did you decide to go. He says yes, I have to go to set future. Vrinda says you gave me a shock, I will go and tell Pradeep. Kittu asks what about Radhika. He says she got engaged, end of story.

Suman talks to Radhe and Lucky. She asks what’s the matter. Lavi and Mili come. Mili greets Suman and Gomti. Suman says Mili’s maang has sindoor. Gomti cries. Radhika comes home. She sees Abhishek. She says say hi to aunty and Kittu. He says sure, all good, I have much work, I will go. She sees Gomti crying and asks what happened. Gomti says everything got ruined. Radhika asks what happened, someone tell me. Sree says Lavi eloped and got married.

Sree says he didn’t wait for you and Gomti. Radhika asks what, did Lavi get married. Suman nods. Gomti says Lavi married Mili. She cries. Suman consoles her. Radhika asks how did he marry in a hurry. The girls go out. Suman says Jairam didn’t tell anything to Radhe also. Gomti says he got my son married, I was leaving tomorrow, he couldn’t wait for 2 days. Radhika hugs her. She consoles her. She asks do you trust me, tell me. Gomti says yes. Radhika says stop crying, everything will be fine, don’t worry, we are with you, you aren’t alone. They hug. Gomti says keep the family along. Suman asks why did you get upset. Abhishek asks what happened. Preeti says Lavi got married without telling. Sree says Gomti is crying. Abhishek asks how is Radhika. Sree says she is hurt, poor girl. He sees Radhika. Sree says you want to talk to her right, tell her, go for it.

Radhika says my heart isn’t agreeing. Suman says don’t start this new chapter. Radhika says I can’t continue this relation, how shall I tell the family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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