Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ahilya learns Kesar’s truth

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghunath calling Chameli and other women. Malhar asks who are they. Raghunath says Chameli and Sarita, and their daughters, they are poor, you can get them married in your family and relatives, if there is a groom, then make them your bahu, what happened, I m saying the truth, they are poor and orphans. Malhar says you don’t worry about their marriage, they are Malwa’s daughters, I won’t step back from accepting your proposal. Raghunath says great, I will tell you, Chameli teaches them dance to entertain men and win their hearts, you are great that you agreed to make them your bahu. Malhar shouts enough. He feels unwell. Raghoba asks what happened, you didn’t say anything, I will tell you, a dancer can’t become a diya to bring light in a house, anyone would say this, I have a proof against Kesar, call Kesar here. Kesar comes. Chameli is shocked seeing her and says she is Gulab Bai.

Raghoba says no, she is Gulab Bai’s daughter Kesar. Chameli says she is exactly the same, I knew Gulab bai well, Kesar is her daughter. Raghoba says I have a proof. He unveils Gulab Bai’s pic. Everyone is shocked. Malerao says it’s a story, he has bought this woman, shall I trust Raghoba. Chameli says its not a lie, the famous artist Vishwanath has made this pic 18 years back. Malhar asks what name did you say, Vishwanath, I heard this name. Chameli tells about Gulab. She says Gulab had fallen for Vishwanath. FB shows Vishwanath making her portrait. He says I will marry you. She says girls like us don’t get married. FB ends. Chameli says she was right, Gulab didn’t get married, she was pregnant, Kesar was in her womb, but no one knows who is Kesar’s father. She recalls Kesar’s birth. Vishwanath says I will give her my name. The old lady says no, she will become our pride. She sends him away. FB ends. Chameli says Gulab didn’t want her daughter to stay there, so she decided to give Kesar to Vishwanath, I had helped her in this good deed. FB shows, Gulab sees her daughter’s birth mark and says we will name her Kesar. Some men follow. Gulab gives the baby to Chameli and runs. The old lady catches Gulab and asks where is the baby. Gulab says I won’t let Kesar become a part of this place, even if I die. The old lady says fine, you will die. She kills Gulab. Chameli hides and looks on. She cries. She takes Kesar to someone’s house and drops her at the door. A man checks the baby. He calls his wife and asks her to come fast, don’t know who left the baby here. They get a letter. They read Kesar written on it. FB ends. Ahilya says it looks like a story. Chameli says then find the truth, if she is Gulab’s daughter, then she would have a birth mark on her leg foot, the mark would resemble a leaf. Ahilya asks Kesar is this true, does she have such birth mark. Kesar nods. Raghoba smiles. Kesar shows the birth mark. Raghoba says we got to know everything about her, except her father. Ahilya says enough, a person’s behavior makes his character, not the blood lineage, Kesar is born to a dancer, it doesn’t mean she is a bad girl. She defends Kesar. She says Kesar isn’t impure, your thinking is impure. He asks shall we believe that you will get Malerao married to Kesar.

She says Malwa Darbar will decide it, you don’t need to do it. He says I didn’t insult anyone here, Malhar is the Malwa rule, but Malwa is a part of the Maratha empire, I won’t let anything wrong happen here. He goes.

Maina asks Ahilya to stop all this. She hurts Kesar. She asks Malerao to decide and choose either Kesar or her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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