Katha Ankahee 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ehsan tries to talk to Viaan.

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In this episode, Aarav comes to Raghuvanshi’s house. Yuvraj and Mr. Garewal were already there. They greet everyone. Teeji seems tensed, wanted to talk to Viaan but refrains from doing so. Viaan asks if she is already, Teeji overate, was feeling uneasy. Katha advised her to make her lemonade, Yuvraj has a better option, he hands her the Multani Mitti Kavita sent. Teeji leaves to attend a call, she questions Maya for being late. Maya wants Teeji to call Ehsan and Vanya home immediately. Teeji hesitates about Vanya, Maya orders her to do so.

Ehsan comes home questioning Viaan for not attending his phone calls. Viaan refrained from attending his calls because of the 1 crore question he asked but excused saying that he was busy. Ehsan wants Viaan to come aside for a talk. Mr. Garewal asked him to relax for the wedding. Maya enters the house, she compliments Vanya and Katha’s relationship, they seem quiet close. Katha must share all her secrets with Vanaya. Ehsan forces Viaan to come aside, Mr. Garewal questions. Maya realized that it was Ehsan trying to stop her, now she needs to stop him before he tells anything to Viaan.

Ehsan brings Viaan to his room than hugs him, he has something to say but before that he assured to never judge Viaan for anything. They suddenly heard a scream and ran down to find Teeji injured. Viaan suggests taking her to hospital. Ehsan wanted to accompany but Viaan refused, asked him to stay behind with everyone. Ehsan notices Maya staring at her, he decides to leave, Yuvraj and Mr. Garewal take their leaves as well.

Ehsan returns home, Farah wonders why his energetic son is so dull. He unconsciously screams at her due to stress. He wants to talk to Viaan. Farah asks her to relax, she brings him a glass of water.
Viaan and Katha bring Teeji home, there is nothing to worry about, it was a small ankle twist. Teeji tells that according to their family tradition, after this morning’s pooja the groom and bride can not meet till the wedding. Maya totally forgot about it. Viaan refuse to believe these old traditions, they share equal responsibility of Aarav. Katha doesn’t mind following doing what the elders want, she decides to go home to meet her parents. Viaan left to talk to the driver. Katha says her goodbye, she hears Teeji telling the house help to put Aarav’s bag in the storeroom instead of Viaan’s room. Katha leaves in despair. Teeji hates seeing Katha’s face. Teeji interrupts her as Viaan returns. Viaan has to leave to meet Ehsan, there are very few times Ehsan as something to talk about. They tried to stop Viaan but weren’t successful. Teeji fears Viaan figuring out everything.

Aarav shows his grandparents the turban Reet tied on his head. Katha enters home, Aarav shows her attire, he wants to twin with his father once he shifts at his house. Katha is still fixed on what Teeji said. Mr. Garewal and Kavita want Aarav to make all the plans, and with that taker care of his grandmother who loves him a lot. Reet notices Katha being silent. Mr. Garewal announces that no one will sleep tonight; it will be a night of fun, dance, and music. He wants Kavita to get delicious cuisine prepared. Yuvraj and Mr. Garewal plays Punjabi music to dance on. Katha keeps looking at her phone, Aarav asks why she is sad. Katha is a little tired, she sent Aarav to dance with everyone.

Viaan goes to meet Ehsan. Farah says that he is asleep. Ehsan was asleep on his bed, surrounded by a bottle of alcohol. Farah says that he drank the whole bottle out of happiness. Viaan questions, Ehsan seemed tense when they last talked.

Mr. Garewal gathers everyone, especially Katha, to tell them a story. Aarav joins as well. Mr. Garewal tells that the elders stopped him from meeting Kavit before marriage that was impossible for him to do. So, she climbed her home, though her brother has Doberman as pets, but a secret, he was already friends with those dogs. Mr. Garewal climbed up to the window, enacting what he did but wearing a shawl. Yuvraj pretended to be Mr. Garewal while shawl wearing Mr. Garewal enacted to be Kavita’s grandmother whom he mistook as Kavita. The grandmother created a scene, woke Kavita’s father who didn’t approve of his act. The father didn’t do anything, but Kavita’s brothers were merciless to him, the pain is still there.

Precap: Everyone enjoys the Garewal Mansion. Viaan misses Katha, asks her not to worry, he can come to her anytime of the day and night. Teeji and Maya peeks into Viaan’s old messages. Everyone practices Katha’s departure scene at the wedding.

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