Katha Ankahee 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Teeji accepts Viaan and Katha’s relationship.

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Viaan leaves after taking Mr. Garewal and Kavita’s blessings, Mr. Garewal sees him off. Mr. Garewal never imagined finding a man like Viaan for Katha. Kavita has been saying that to him since the start. Mr. Garewal will have to talk to Teeji now, he didn’t think about forming ties with her, but he would do whatever it takes for his children’s happiness. Kavita says that Mr. Garewal only needs time to trust, after which he becomes the root wall of every relationship. She finds Mr. Garewal’s smile adorable.

Katha sleeps in bed, Aarav blows on her hand, then her face. Katha questions him for not feeling sleepy. Aarav excitement isn’t letting him sleep, he wants to dance like crazy. Katha is excited as well but if they don’t sleep tonight, they cannot celebrate tomorrow. Aarav has a lot of pressure, he needs to think about the future, since Mr. Garewal accepted Viaan they need to work on the next step, that is wedding. Katha blushes.

Ehsan agrees with Prakash Uncle. Viaan corrects that his name is Kalesh. Ehsan used to joke, he never thought that Aarav would actually call him Papa. Ehsan would have to repaper everything, wedding, catering, guest lists and most importantly the honeymoon. Ehsan will take Aarav on a fun trip to buy Katha and Viaan time for their honeymoon. Viaan wis hurt and also worries about Teeji because she is upset. Ehsan will convince Teeji, has been doing it since forever.

Aarav wants Katha to blush openly, there is no secret between them. Katha puts up the blanket. Aarav questions her for sleeping during an important discussion, he plans to go over and talk about Aarav and Viaan’s wedding. Katha pulls Aarav in the blanket with her.

Aarav and his friends celebrate Katha and Viaan being together and Aarav having a father. Aarav’s dream came true about having Viaan as his father. They want to know how Viaan proposed to Katha, people usually get down on one knee. Aarav tells that Viaan get down on one knee for him.

Katha and Viaan discuss a project, Vanya and Ehsan enters the cabin with another amazing project. Viaan questions. Ehsan says that they have the VK Project. Viaan’s still confused while Katha smiles. Ehsan questions Viaan for being the best architect since he couldn’t crack the abbreviation. Vanya tells that it’s Viaan and Katha project, they have planned their wedding. Katha questions Viaan for not being as smart as his friends. Ehsan stops Katha from legging pulling. Viaan has questions. Vanya tells that since they excel in outdoor projects, they can outshine indoor projects. Vanya shows Viaan all the plannings, they have kept Katha’s aesthetics and Viaan elite taste in mind. Ehsan has arranged all the cuisines, especially Indian Chinese. Vanaya wants a Bollywood for the Roka ceremony of someone who had a filmy love story. Viaan wants Ehsan and Vanaya to focus on the Rajasthan project. Viaan pushes them out to the office while the insist on being taken in as wedding planners. Ehsan ask Katha to help, she can not as Viaan is her boss. Ehsan questions, he is her brother-in-law. Viaan pushes them out of his office. Katha thinks that resisting this is pointless. Viaan tells Katha about Kavita and Mr. Garewal giving him Shagun. Mr. Garewal asked him to think about marriage; they must listen to their elders. Katha tells that her elders have the same mind, Aarav. Viaan wants Katha what does she has in mind because he will not be leaving her sight. He thinks that people will question if everything happens without marriage, Katha doesn’t care about people, she leaves the office.

Mr. Garewal and Kavita meet Teeji, he apologizes to her for his behavior. Teeji was rude as well, she apologized as well. Teeji wonders about the concern now, she already agreed on this relationship. Mr. Garewal is apologetic for his opinion. Kavita thinks that they should have tried to understand Teeji instead of arguing with her. Mr. Garewal has realized that he was at fault, not Viaan. The children have patiently waited for their approval, and they must accept that. Mr. Garewal used to consider Katha his daughter-in-law, but today he came here as a father of a daughter. He agrees that Viaan and Katha love each other, and that Viaan should not be separated from Katha and Viaan. Years ago, Mr. Garewal mistake made him lose his son. Aditya came to him with the desire to marry Katha, his anger and self-centered thought deprived Katha and Aditya from their happiness. Teeji should not make the same mistake. Kavita knows Katha like Teeji knows Viaan. Kavit approves that Katha will try her best to make people’s lives beautiful, Teeji knows that Katha can fight for his people as well. Since her welcome in Garewal family Katha has never let the family shatter. Aarav himself is a blessing, God gifted him with magic of laughter. He requests Teeji to give everyone a chance. Viaan comes home, greets the Garewal family. Mr. Garewal hugs Viaan. Teeji tells Viaan that the elders have put their differences aside to accept Katha, Viaan and Aarav’s wish. Teeji asks Viaan to make a family for himself, he hugs his mother. Teeji invites them for dinner, starts the celebration with sweets. Mr. Garewal eats the whole bar of sweets, Viaan feeds Teeji and Kavita as well.

Aarav opens the door because the bell rang, there was nobody on the front door. Viaan jumps from the side scaring Aarav. Katha was surprised by his visit. Viaan came to meet Aarav, and he is hungry as well. Katha made dinner for two, she will order something for him. Viaan asks her not to worry, he will eat whatever there is.

Katha puts Aarav to bed, comes out to Viaan serving her coffee. She asks him to sit but he complains about his feet being glued to the floor. Viaan has a proposal, he wants to take Katha and Aarav with him, it’s been long already. Katha doesn’t know if she wants to go with Viaan or make him stay here but is sure about being with him.

PRECAP: Aarav insists Viaan to stay at his place. Viaan informs Teeji about his stay at Katha. Teeji suggests having Katha and Viaan engaged. Mr. Garewal wants to fix the wedding dates as well. Viaan proposes to Katha. She will carry his mark with her forever, they hug each other.

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