Som Pradosh Vrat 2023: If you want to perform Rudrabhishek on Monday, then first know that Vaishakh Som Pradosh is the abode of Shiva.

Vaishakh Som pradosh vrat 2023: Pradosh Vrat is on April 17, 2023, on the Trayodashi date of Vaishakh month Krishna Paksha. Since this day is Monday, it will be called Som Pradosh Vrat. Those who worship Shiva in Som Pradosh Vrat get happiness, child happiness and financial benefits in their married life. In the scriptures, the abode of Shiva is considered very special for the worship of Shiva. Especially in Rudrabhishek, Mahamrityunjaya rituals etc. it is very important to think about the abode of Shiva. Mahadev gets pleased very quickly by doing Rudrabhishek in Shiva’s abode at the time of Shiva worship during Som Pradosh Vrat. Let us know the importance and benefits of Shiva’s abode for the worship of Mahadev.

What is Shiv Vas? (What is Shiv Vaas)

Tithin cha dwiguni kritva re-panch samanvitam. Saptabhistuharedbhagam shesham shiva vas uchyate.

According to the scriptures, Lord Shiva resides at seven different places throughout the month. It is known from his abode that what Lord Shiva is doing at that time and whether that time is suitable for prayer or not. Shiva’s abode gives auspicious and inauspicious results according to the dates.

Shiv vaas Significance

Every month Shiva resides in a different place. It has been told through a verse in the scriptures that when Shiva resides, what kind of fruit it gives.

Kailashe Labhte Saukhyam Gaurya Cha Sukh Sampadah.

  • In Kailash – Soothing
  • In Gauri Parshwa  –  Happiness and wealth
  • Vrisharudh (on Nandi) – Desired accomplishment, success comes
  • Sabha  – angst
  • Food  – painful
  • playful – painful
  • cremation  – death
  • Shiv Vaas on the day of Vaishakh Som Pradosh (Som Pradosh vrat shiv vaas Time)

    Shiva resides on Nandi on the first day of Pradosh Vrat of Vaishakh. Shiva resides in Som Pradosh Vrat on 17 April 2023  It is till 46 minutes in the afternoon. For those who want to perform Rudrabhishek on this day, there is an auspicious coincidence on the day of Pradosh.

    • Som Pradosh Vrat Puja Timings – Evening 06.48 – Night 09.01 (17 April 2023)

    Auspicious Dates of Shiv Vaas Tithi

    For those devotees of Shiva who want to perform Rudrabhishek, Shukla Paksha’s Dwitiya, Panchami, Shashthi, Navami, Dwadashi and Trayodashi dates. On the other hand, Pratipada, Chaturthi, Panchami, Ashtami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi dates of Krishna Paksha are auspicious. On these dates, the work done for the sake of Lord Shiva and the rituals resolved are proved.

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