… so that’s why mangoes are soaked in water for hours before eating! Health expert gave this logic

The scorching heat may warm your mind and body. But one special thing about this season is that this is also the season of mango, the king of fruits. This juicy fruit is rich in common vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fiber. While mango is considered one of the number one fruits in terms of health. On the other hand, some health experts claim that before eating mangoes, take care of certain things, otherwise you may have to face physical problems. 

Avoid eating carbide mangoes< /strong>

Skin Specialist, Dr. Kiran Sethi writes on her Instagram that if you like eating mangoes like me. Then I have a special suggestion for you. Before eating mangoes, make sure to note one thing whether you are eating naturally ripened mangoes or eating mangoes ripened with chemicals i.e. carbide inserted mangoes. Carbide mangoes can increase pimples on your face while natural mangoes are very good for your health. 

Eating more mangoes can lead to bad health

After eating mangoes, even sweet cheeses seem to fade for some time, so we use more sugar to increase our sweetness. In such a situation, remember that eating too much sugar also increases acne on the face. On the other hand, whenever you eat mango, do not eat too much because it is very sweet and eating too much sweet can have a bad effect on your health. 

Mango peel carefully. Quote

However, Dr. Mandeep Singh, HOD-Plastic Surgery, Paras Health, Gurugram, is of the opposite opinion. Eating mangoes does not cause acne, but sometimes acne can occur due to the allergy-causing substance in the peel. Additionally, fortified juices have a high glycemic index that can cause a rash in acne-prone skin.

Eat mangoes like these

Mango Eat the fresh fruit, not the juice

Avoid touching the mango peel to your skin

Don’t chew the mango directly, rather eat the cut fruit with a fork or spoon

Try eating cooked mango dishes instead of raw ones

According to Ayurveda, hot fruits can cause acne. If you notice more breakouts after eating warm or hot mangoes, try to cool them before eating. Agreeing, Dr. Mandeep said that soaking mangoes in water before eating has many benefits. . That’s why do this before eating it. If ripe mangoes float in water after soaking them in water, you can easily differentiate between rotten and good mangoes. If there are mangoes ripe with chemicals, then they start floating on the top of the water comfortably. You can easily know this. Also removes phytic acid and mango sap oil that can trigger allergic reactions and promotes rehydration of dried fruits. Dr Sethi shares a tip to reduce the risk of breakouts after eating mangoes.

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