Singapore Indian-Origin Death Row: In jail for 9 years, now hanged, Ganja smuggling case, even the President did not show mercy, know what mistakes happened in this matter from Singapore

Singapore Indian-Origin Death Row: A 46-year-old Indian-origin man was hanged in Singapore on charges of smuggling cannabis. The Indian man was sentenced to death on Wednesday (April 26) after spending nine long years in Singapore jails.

Some of the harshest and strictest laws in the world
Singapore has some of the harshest and strictest laws in the world in terms of drugs. Arguing on this, the government of the country says that such drastic measures are necessary to stop the issue of drugs. He believes that drugs are one of the major causes of concern in South East Asian countries. However, the case of Indian man Tangaraju Suppaiah is not as suspicious as it is made out to be.

He has been criticized worldwide for the decision to hang him in Singapore in the case of drugs. Apart from this, many big personalities have claimed that Singapore has hanged an innocent man.

Court ignores witness statement
On the basis of media reports, Indian man Tangaraju Suppaiah’s sentence is based on police statement. It is also alleged by the police that neither a lawyer nor a Tamil-speaking translator was provided to Tangaraju during his interrogation, despite Tangaraju’s demands for both these things.

Such allegations raise a question mark on possible lapses during the interrogation of Tangaraju. Amnesty International questioned the reporting of the executions, saying that the court had failed to locate a fourth man in the case, which the judges considered crucial to corroborating the witness’s statement.

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