Shiv Parvati Vivah: What happened when Lord Shiva arrived in his procession with ghosts and witches? The story of Shiva-Parvati’s marriage is unique

Shiv Parvati Vivah Mythological Katha: Mother Parvati did severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Because she had already accepted Shivji as her husband before marriage. In Puranas too, there is a mention about the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. It is said that Mahashivratri.

It was not easy for Parvati to get Shiva

Parvati the king She was the daughter of Himavan and Queen Mainavati. Parvati means queen of mountains. Mother Parvati wanted to marry Shivji. But getting Shiva was not that easy. What was it then, Mother Parvati started harsh penance. Due to the penance of Parvati, there was hue and cry in all the three worlds. Even the big mountains started to waver. All the deities approached Lord Shiva and asked him to solve the problem.

Shivji was pleased with the penance of Mother Parvati and appeared to her and asked her to marry a prince. But Parvati flatly refused. She said that she has accepted Shiva as her husband and in such a situation it will not be easy to live with any other person. Seeing Parvati’s immense love for him, Bholenath’s heart melted and he agreed to marry Parvati.

Shiva arrived with a unique procession to marry Parvati

According to the legend related to the marriage of Shiva-Parvati, when Lord Shiva arrived to marry Mother Parvati, he brought a procession of ghosts and witches with him. He had also done the makeup of Shivji. Shivji was decorated with ashes for the wedding and a garland of bones was worn. When Shiva reached Parvati’s door with such a unique procession, everyone was scared and surprised.

Parvati’s mother Mainavati refused to marry. Then Parvati prayed to Shiva and said that he should get ready according to the customs of marriage. Shivji agreed and after that Shivji was prepared as a bridegroom by the gods. When Shivji got ready as a bridegroom, everyone was amazed to see his divine form. Queen Mainavati also agreed to the marriage. After this, the marriage of Shiva-Parvati took place in the presence of barati-sharati, ghost-ghosts, all the gods and the creator of the universe, Brahma ji.

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