‘She doesn’t trust her own talent’, why did Kareena say such a thing for Bipasha? The matter had reached a scuffle

Cat fight is very common in Bollywood. The process of cat fight is not going on from today but for centuries. You must have heard and read about so many cat fights in the Bollywood industry till now. One such fight took place between two famous Bollywood actresses. The matter had become so bad that the matter had reached a scuffle. This is the story between Bipasha Basu and Kareena Kapoor. What was the reason behind this? Let us tell you.

Kareena and Bipasha may be normal today, but there was a time when both did not even like to see each other. Both had worked together in the film ‘Ajnabee’ in the year 2001 and this incident is from then only. Kareena Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Akshay Kumar were seen in this film. This was Bipasha’s first film. Bipasha gave many bold scenes in the film, due to which she was discussed everywhere and overshadowed Kareena’s character. It is said that Kareena started feeling insecure due to Bipasha’s popularity. Bebo used to get very irritated with Bipasha. It is said that Kareena even called Bipasha a ‘black cat’ and the matter got so bad that it even reached a scuffle.

There were reports that actor Bobby Deol had to come to the rescue between the two. Whereas Bipasha vowed never to work with Kareena again. Referring to this cat fight from Filmfare, Bipasha had said, “No, I will never work with Kareena again. Either you are with people or you are not”. Responding to which Kareena had said, “It seems that she does not have any confidence in her talent. In the 4 page interview, she talked about me for 3 pages”.

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