Shani Dev: Why does Shani Dev get angry? Know which things Shani does not like

Shani Dev: Shani Dev is the god of justice. Shani Dev gives fruits to people according to their deeds. If Shani Dev is kind to someone, then he fills his life with happiness. But if Shani Dev’s evil eye falls on someone, then his life is filled with troubles.

Effect of Shani Dev gets angry on the deeds of man, due to which the work done by the people gets spoiled. People have to face difficulties in their life. There are some rules of Shani Dev which you should adopt or keep in your mind on Saturdays and avoid doing them.

Why Shani Dev gets angry

  • Don’t buy things made of iron on Saturdays, and don’t bring them to your home. Shani Dev gets angry by doing this.
  • Natives should avoid buying salt on Saturday. It is believed that buying salt increases the debt on a person, and also weakens your financial condition.
  • Neither buy scissors nor gift scissors to anyone on Saturday. It is believed that dealing with scissors on a Saturday leads to quarrels.
  • Respect elders, Shani Dev gets angry if you don’t respect elders. You have to face the cruel eyes of Shani because of insulting elders.
  • Shani Dev is angry with those who drag their feet, often the work done by such people gets spoiled.
  • Don’t leave false utensils in the kitchen at all, Shani Dev gets angry by doing this. Shani Dev increases the difficulties of those who do this.

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