Seeing the packet of crisp chips, the woman attending the meeting forgot the important work, seeing a message from the manager, she was embarrassed, asked whether I am in trouble, the answer of Lage India will burst into laughter

The craze for chips or any crunchy snack is such that people forget everything else after seeing them. Then even if you are sitting in the theater watching a movie or being a part of a meeting. The taste and crunch of the chips makes you pull them towards you. The only difficulty is that such crispy chips cannot be eaten silently. The people around come to know about it and sometimes even the sound of eating it is embarrassing. Something similar happened with a woman who was caught eating chips in a meeting and was embarrassed after seeing the manager’s message.

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Was eating chips in online meeting

A Twitter handle named Vandana Jain has shared an interesting tweet on Twitter. This woman was enjoying chips during an online meeting. By the way, there is only discussion in online meeting, who is doing what, what is wearing, what is eating, it is not visible. But due to a mistake of this woman, the theft of eating chips was caught. Actually this woman had forgotten to turn off the mike in the meeting. Everyone present in the bus meeting came to know that she is eating chips with full enthusiasm. This was realized when his manager sent him a message asking him to mute his mic. The sound of eating your chips is very light. Sharing a screen shot of this, the woman asked if I was in trouble.

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people advised

Seeing this post of the woman, people are praising the manager. One user wrote that he was a good manager who wrote loud instead of announcing. Some users looking at the packet of chips are questioning whether these are gourmet chips only. A user has given a funny advice that next time eat popcorn instead of chips. No one will know. Lage India has also tweeted on this tweet and has written that there is a right reason to be in trouble.

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