Sapno Ki Chhalaang 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Priyal defends Radhika

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe getting angry on Radhika. Veer, Rajesh and Priyal hear Radhe shouting on Radhika. Veer takes Rajesh with him. Priyal looks on. Radhika cries. Radhe asks Radhika to leave for Mumbai right now. Radhika says my flight is at night. She cries. Priyal takes the phone and defends Radhika. She says it was imp for Radhika for come here, she is staying with girls at a good hotel, we all are doing work here, don’t worry, my parents also used to worry the same way for me, I will ask Radhika to not lie to you, she is my responsibility, don’t worry. She asks Radhika not to lie to family. She says inform your dad that you have reached safely. She says sorry for the tension. Suman says no, thanks for relieving our tension. Priyal says just call me Priyal, take care. She ends call.

Gomti says she is so beautiful and mature, she is from Gujarat, she is the boss in a big company there. Jairam asks Radhe are you fine, where are you going, have food and go. Radhika thanks Priyal. Priyal says you aren’t my choice, tell me, do you think you fit here. Radhika cries. Priyal says you can’t handle your life’s problems, can you focus and give commitment, you can’t go off site, how many times will you make excuses, you are a waste of time and resources, I have also faced problems and rebelled with my parents, I didn’t ask their permission, I had guts in me, one needs guts for survival, crying won’t help, you are too soft, you can’t survive, go back to Jhansi. Radhika cries. Sree and Preeti talk about Baldev. Radhika comes home. She meets Abhishek. She says I m tired, I will talk later. He gets a call and goes.

Radhika calls Radhe. He doesn’t answer. She sends an audio. Suman and Gomti make food and have a talk. Suman says she would have lost the job. Gomti says she should have told the truth to Radhe. Lavi says she has cheated us by putting wrong location, don’t you worry for Radhika. Gomti says its imp to set limits for girls, Radhika is crossing limits. Radhe looks on. Preeti packs her bags. She says I m going to stay in a women hostel, he will trouble you all, I have no option, I have to go. Sree asks what’s the problem. She asks Radhika to explain Preeti. Radhika says its not imp that we find the solution, girls aren’t allowed things, there is no freedom. Preeti asks did anything happen in Goa. Radhika says we are worried for you. Sree says I have changed her location. Radhika says dad had sent a gift for me, he got to know I have gone to Goa, he was shocked, he isn’t talking to me.

Sree asks when will our parents grow, we are adults now. Radhika says we are adults, they have to talk to us. She goes. Radhika calls Radhe. Jairam answers and asks her to call later. She gets angry and says I m feeling there is a problem with me. Radhika and Preeti vent their anger. Vaishali says we can decide our right and wrong, you both didn’t do anything wrong.

Its morning, Abhishek signs and greets Radhika. He asks her to come down for jog. She refuses. Watchman jokes on him. Abhishek asks Radhika to come. She signs no. Watchman says love happens this way.

Radhika says I won’t leave the office. Radhe says Radhika can get married and stay in Mumbai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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