Sapno Ki Chhalaang 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika struggles in Mumbai

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ravi and Radhika not liking the room. The broker says it’s the best room at this price, we give this room to 5 people, madam wants to stay alone. She says there is no place for one person. He says this is the best option in your budget. She gets scared seeing a cockroach. The man asks her to take the room, water comes in morning and night for 2 hours. He says I can show the room in sharing, girls live in sharing and room can be better than this. Ravi says no, the girls can be alcoholic. The broker asks for 5000rs token money. Radhika gives the money. Ravi says take care of my sister. He pays extra. The broker says no, keep it.

Radhika talks to Suman on call. Radhika says its okay for me, its small flat but good. She tells about her dinner, pau bhaji. Suman says you will have acidity. Radhika says nothing will happen, how was your day. Suman says I was busy all day. Suman ends call and cries. Amma asks why are you crying. Suman says I m crying for my daughter. Amma says one who gives joy and gives sorrow. She consoles Suman. Suman hugs Radhika’s pic and sleeps. Radhika wakes up by Suman’s call. Suman says wake up, its time for office. Radhika sees the time and gets shocked. She says I had to be there at 7.30am. Suman asks her to have food, else she will have acidity. She asks Ravi to wake up.

Radhika gets ready. She asks Ravi to come fast, she has to report on time. He says its okay if you get late. She says I will go alone, I will manage. She leaves. She goes following the GPS. She asks a man for the way to the station. The man gives her. She drops the file on the road. The people shout on her and ask her to get away. She rushes. She runs and reaches the train station. She calls Ravi and says I will call you after boarding the train. The man asks Ravi to come for breakfast. He says its included in your stay. Ravi gets glad and goes with him. Radhika buys a ticket and goes to board the train. She runs to board the train. She gets inside. Hum nikle chote chote shehron se….plays…

A lady asks Radhika to move away from the entrance. Radhika’s phone falls. The people board the train and step on her phone. Radhika gets her phone with difficulty. She worries. She gets down the train. She asks for ACS office. She runs to the office. She sees the huge building. The men look at her. She asks about orientation. They don’t answer her. She gets down the lift and goes. She doesn’t see the stain on her dress. She goes to the reception and asks about the orientation. She observes the people staring at her. She goes. A girl watches the stain on her dress. Radhika goes to look at herself. She gets shocked seeing the stain. She sees some men laughing and cries.

Radhika talks to the room mates. She says I got a room in sharing. Radhe says you won’t stay there.

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