Salman Khan wears blue stone bracelet not for style but because of this reason, this is how he protects Bhaijaan

Bollywood’s Dabang i.e. Salman Khan is known for his acting and strong personality as well as his style. A special part of her personality is the bracelet adorned in her hand, which you must have seen too. Salman has been wearing this bracelet made of blue stone and thick chain, which Salman never takes off. Salman’s fans have always wanted to know what is it about this bracelet that Salman wears it all the time, whether it is a film or real life, it is always on his wrist. Salman Khan himself once answered this question, that throwback video has surfaced again on social media.

Story behind brother’s bracelet
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Told the reason for wearing bracelet

It can be seen in the video that a female fan wants to know the reason behind Salman Khan always wearing the bracelet. In response, Salman Khan says, ‘My father always wore this type of bracelet. Like children play with things, I used to play with her bracelet and then when I started working, she brought me exactly the same one ‘.

specialty of blue stone

Salman further told about the stone in his bracelet and said, this ‘living stone’, this stone is called Firoza. This means that if any negativity is coming on you, it first takes it and destroys it, and then it cracks and this is my seventh stone.

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