‘Sadak 2’ actress Chrisann Pereira is lodged in UAE jail on charges of drug trafficking, family told daughter Victim

Chrisann Pereira In Jail: Mumbai based actress-dancer Chrisann Pereira has been lodged in Sharjah Central Jail in UAE. According to a report, Krishan was caught with drugs after which he was taken into custody by the airport officials. And the family of the actress is making every effort to get her released. 

Crisan Perera’s family told daughter Victim
According to Hindustan Times report, Chrisan’s family says that his daughter is Victim in this case. Chrisson’s brother Kevin says, "We have gone through emotional torture in the last 2 weeks. My sister is innocent and she has been implicated in the drug racket." The family says that since the time Krishan landed at Sharjah airport, they have not even been able to talk to her. " Krishan’s brother told that Indian Consulate informed us after 72 hours that he has been arrested and put in Sharjah Central Jail."

A man named Ravi trapped Chrisan on the pretext of audition
According to the report, the family says that a man named Ravi has trapped Chrisan. The family alleges that a man named Ravi had earlier married Krishan’s mother Premila Perera. "to his daughter" her talent team "Had texted him to introduce him and asked if Krishan was available to meet for the upcoming international web series." After a series of meetings  an audition was locked for Chrissan in Dubai and the man took care of all the arrangements.

The accused had given Krishan a trophy to take with him
According to Krishan’s mother Premila, on April 1, before Krishan boarded a flight, the accused had dropped her 10 minutes away from the Mumbai International Airport. But was called to meet at a coffee shop. Chrisson’s family claimed, "He handed her a trophy, probably mentioning that the trophy was part of the script for the audition and would be required for the audition. After this she took the trophy with her." Chrisson was taken into custody upon arrival at Sharjah airport. " He further said that on April 10, we were informed by the Indian Consulate that Chrisson has been accused of drugs found in the trophy."

The family is wandering to get Chrisen out
According to the report, the family is currently wandering from door to door to negotiate with Chrisen and get him out. Krishan’s brother Kevin said, “We have already hired a local lawyer in Dubai whose fee is Rs 13 lakh. We still don’t know the official charges and fine if any, My family is preparing to mortgage our house as we have read that the fine could be between Rs 20-40 lakhs. It has been more than 13 days and we are very worried about him. We are not able to sleep, we are not able to eat while the fraudsters are roaming freely."

Mumbai Police is not helping
According to the report, the family had tried to seek help from the Mumbai Police but nothing was done to help them. Kevin says "The local police is not registering an FIR as no official charges have come from Sharjah."Please tell that Krishan has done films like Batla House (2019), Sadak 2 (2020) and Thinkistan (2019).

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