Saavi Ki Savaari 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi picks Nityam’s Bua Dadi from railway station

Saavi Ki Savaari 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the salesgirl making Saavi wear the mangalsutra. Saavi recalls Nityam breaking her mangalsutra and gets emotional. She says she don’t want. Nityam asks Salesgirl to take it out. Just then someone calls salesgirl and she goes. Saavi tries to take it off, but it is stuck. Nityam gets up and takes the mangalsutra out. Raksham smiles seeing him. Saavi thanks him and says you are an expert in taking off and breaking mangalsutra. Sonam comes there and shows the ring which she has selected for herself and says it is just 32 lakhs. Saavi says it is costly. Raksham says its ok, Saavi. Sonam insists to take Raksham’s ring, though Saavi wants to buy from their jeweller. Himesh sees Dimpy, but she goes.

Raksham selects gold ring of 35000 Rs. Nityam asks the salesgirl to make both bills together. Saavi says no, and tells that she will pay for Raksham’s bill. She goes to side and checks the money, which she has, and thinks she has just 21000. Nityam insists to pay the bill. Saavi says she will manage and goes. Raksham asks Sonam if she wants to have icecream, and asks Nityam to come, but he refuses. Raksham and Sonam leave from there. Nityam is about to pay the bills, but Saavi comes there and gives card to pay Raksham’s ring bill. Just then Manav comes there and asks if I shall go now. He asks if billing is done. She thanks him for coming and says this will be loan for her. Manav says you are really my Saavri Baawri and goes. Saavi thanks Mr. Dalmia and says Manav got late to come. Mr. Dalmia says you wanted to insult me, by calling a stranger for the bill payment, when I am here. Saavi says Manav is my friend and not a stranger, and says it would be strange if I get bill paid by you, as you are not my friend, husband, or ex husband. She says for you, I am a gold digger who gets bill paid by you. She says your business run without me, but not my work.

Vedika asks Giridhar about the do’s and don’t. She says she wakes up early in the morning and give her tea. Nityam and Raksham come there. Nityam asks if anyone is coming? Vedika asks how Bua Dadi is coming. Raksham jokes. Himesh asks Dada ji to send her back. Raksham asks if she knows that today is my engagement. Vedika says no, we have to tell the reason. Nityam says we shall not let her come. He says Dadu, you have worn new clothes. Dadu says Kumud is very close to him, though she is his younger sister. He says Kumud doesn’t like any marriage to break and tells that if marriage breaks then house will break. Vedika says we will not tell her anything. Dadu asks nityam and others to hide about his divorce from Kumud. Nityam says I have seen Saavi’s face in the morning and says I should have known that the day will be bad.

Kalpesh comes to Saavi and taunts her and her sister for sticking to Dalmias. Saavi tells Kalpesh that she knows how to handle such men. Kalpesh says now see, what I do. Saavi comes to the railway station to pick Bua Dadi. He calls Vedika. Vedika asks him to find out about when the train will come. Nityam asks someone, who tells that train has come and left. Nityam goes inside, colliding with a coolie and the stuff falls down from his hand. He says sorry and goes inside. Kumud comes there and picks the trolley wheel and scolds the coolie. She says Vedika didn’t send anyone to pick me and asks him to come. Saavi ties her face with dupatta, due to dust and hot weather. She comes to Chattriprasad and finds poster of Sonam and Raksham. She takes it off and throws it. Bua Dadi tries to get auto, but no auto is ready to take her with meter. Saavi’s keys fall down. Saavi bends down and takes it. She says she will take her wherever she wants to go. Bua Dadi gets impressed with her and says you are a girl and rides auto. Saavi says yes and says I will take you safelty. Bua Dadi says she wants to go to Mahakaal temple and then to her brother house, but don’t know his address. Saavi says I will take you there, as I know all Ujjain. Bua Dadi asks her to come. Saavi asks coolie to keep the stuff safely. Bua Dadi praises Saavi. She sits in her Chattriprasad. Saavi says I will take you to Maha Kaal’s temple and then to your bhaiyya’s house, and says right thing shall happen. Nityam comes out of station and tells Vedika that he couldn’t find Bua Dadi. Vedika asks him to come home.

Precap: Kumud comes there and sits on the sofa. Vedika takes her blessings. Nityam is about to take her blessings, when Dadi Bua says she don’t bless anyone alone and asks him to call his wife. Saavi is standing far wearing the uniform.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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