Saavi Ki Savaari 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Vedika asks Sonam to sign pre-nuptial agreement

Saavi Ki Savaari 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratna giving towel to Sonam. She says Ananya was telling that your laptop was locked. Sonam says it is password protected and asks if you come to know about my truth. Ratna asks did you give Raksham and your photos to media and asks her not to lie, and gives her promise of 500 Rs notes. She says we have old connection and says thief and thief are relatives. She says I am genius, my dream to be Dalmia bahu will be fulfilled. Ratna asks if suicide drama was fake. Sonam says she has told everything to her and says if she tells anyone then…Ratna says she is very happy that her dream will be fulfilled. They laugh. Sonam says there is a problem, how everything will become possible and says Maa is stubborn. Ratna says it is now my turn to do the hardwork.

Nityam comes to Vedika. Vedika says she is calling Gattu, but his phone is not reachable. Nityam says he has returned and wants to be alone for sometime. Vedika says I can’t understand what has happened? She says I have brought you up and you understand me, but Gattu was away from me and asked something which I wanted to give him, but….Nityam asks if you are thinking about Raksham and Sonam. Vedika says if I think about their alliance then it means reconciliation of Saavi and your relation. Nityam says this is wrong, I can’t be responsible for other’s happiness. Vedika asks him to think about Raksham and says I feel that your decision will be fine. He gets a call.

Ratna asks Nutan if she is not part of the house, and tells that today Brijesh is not at home, else he wouldn’t have let her say her word. She says Sonam’s respect is ruined. Manav says having affair with someone doesn’t mean that your respect is ruined. Ratna asks him to go to school. Manav says I have a coaching institute. Ratna says we stay in a small city and tells that people will say that younger brother has left Saavi after marriage and elder brother left Sonam after affair. She says you want to keep your ego infront of Dalmias. Nutan says I am not refusing for this alliance, even if I agree for this alliance, then do you think that Raksham’s family will agree, and says they hate us so much, do you think that they will agree? Vedika comes there with Nityam and Raksham, and says you should ask me this directly. Manav offers peanut to Vedika. He says I will go for institute work. Saavi whispers thank you to Nityam. She recalls meeting him and thanking him for agreeing to meet her with a call. She says even you want to solve Raksham and Sonam’s problem so we shall do it together. Nityam refuses. Saavi says you hate me so much that you don’t want to see my face and will not see my face even if I meet with an accident. She says Sonam and I are different and says if you are scared that you have to see my face after their marriage, then I assure you that I will not interfere in their lives. She says I will many things to divert. He says yes, your Chattriprasad and Manav. She says Raksham and Sonam love each other. She says Sonam di loves Raksham bhaiyya a lot that she got ready to give her life. She asks him to think as Raksham’s brother. Fb ends.

Vedika tells Nutan that Nityam has taken a decision and tells that he said that he will ignore his relation with Saavi until Raksham and Sonam’s marriage is done. Nutan says it is a good thing, but if you are not happy then we are not forcing you. Vedika says we know what a girl’s respect matters and tells that you say or not, but we are pressurized. Brijesh says even today you came with the alliance. Raksham says we are pressurized by the media. Ratna asks Saavi to make breakfast. She says Manav, make tea. Nityam says not needed. Saavi says I will make tea and bring sweets. Vedika says there is a condition before we have sweets. She says I want your daughter Sonam to sign pre-nuptial agreement in which it will be written that Sonam is marrying Raksham for her wish, and if she gets divorce in future, then she will not get anything from Dalmias or Dalmia Industries. Raksham asks why it is needed? Vedika reminds him that they had gone to jail due to their FIR. She says I am agreeing for your marriage, you shall agree with me, I don’t want any problem to happen. Sonam thinks Mami, what to do? Ratna signs her to sign on the papers for now and thinks everything will be yours after marriage. Sonam tells that she is ready to sign on the papers, and just wants to marry Raksham. Nutan stops Sonam and says she wants to talk to her. Nityam asks her to talk to her and says I am sure that Saavi will talk to her friend.

Nutan tells Sonam that they don’t trust us due to our poverty and asks if she is willing to marry Raksham. Sonam says she wants to marry Raksham and goes. Nutan thinks what to do? Manav tells Nutan that both her daughters love with much intensity. He says Nityam is arrogant and rude, but Raksham is a good guy and Sonam needs such a guy who take care of her. Saavi tastes the tea and says it is not the same as Mr. Dalmia wants. She says she will make the tea. Raksham comes to Sonam. Sonam asks shall we elope as nobody is agreeing for marriage. Raksham says no, Sonam. He goes down. Saavi gives tea to Nityam and hopes only the right thing shall happen.

Precap: Raksham informs Sonam that their mothers have agreed. Sonam hugs him and smiles. Raksham hopes Nityam and Saavi’s relation get better. Vedika informs Nityam that Bua Dadi is coming from America.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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