Russia Ukraine War: Putin gave a big blow to Germany for supporting Ukraine, hundreds of German civil servants will have to leave Russia

German Civil Servants in Russia: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, the Russian government led by Vladimir Putin allowed German civil servants to leave Russia and go back to Germany. Where is it? This decision of the Putin government has come at a time when many European countries, including Germany, are supporting Ukraine and have imposed trade sanctions against Russia.

According to sources associated with the German government, hundreds of German civil servants working in Russia are being forced to leave Russia. News agency AFP gave this information on Saturday, May 28, quoting German officials. It is being told that due to this decision of Russia, hundreds of German civil servants working in education and cultural sectors will have to leave Russia.

Germany must reduce its diplomatic staff and remove German personnel from public institutions such as the Goethe Institute cultural organization in Moscow and German schools, given by Russian authorities until the beginning of June.

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