Russia Putin News: Opposition to Vladimir Putin had to be heavy, opposition leader sentenced to 25 years in prison

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin does not like his criticism at all. Many times he has lashed out at those who criticize him. A Moscow court on Monday found Kara-Murza, an opposition leader of the Russian government, guilty of treason and defaming the Russian military, and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

Kara-Murza was arrested only a year back, since then he is in prison. The court found him guilty of defaming the Russian army. Prior to this, he has been accused of violating human rights. Earlier, Kara-Murza was arrested from outside his house. Putin was fiercely criticized after Kara’s arrest.

Kara-Murza said – the era of killers will end 

Kara Murza is known as a critic of President Vladimir Putin. Earlier, he has also opposed the ongoing war with Ukraine. Kara-Murza termed Putin’s tenure as ‘the era of assassins’ A lot of headlines were gathered after telling. 

Russia will be free 

It is noteworthy that Kara-Murza was arrested after his speech on March 15, which he gave in the Arizona House of Representatives. In his speech, he condemned Russia’s military action in Ukraine. After being taken into custody, the charge of treason was proved against him. Kara-Murza, 41, has been a journalist by profession. As a politician, Murza has always criticized Putin. He holds Russian and British passports. 

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