Tulsi Niyam: If there is a Tulsi plant in the house, then know these things, otherwise Lakshmi gets angry, do not do this work even after the sun sets

Tulsi Niyam: Tulsi is considered very sacred. It is very auspicious to plant Tulsi plant in the house, in Hinduism, there is Tulsi plant in almost every house. But before keeping Tulsi plant in the house, if you keep these small things in mind then you can get auspicious results.

Rules of Tulsi (Tulsi Ke Niyam)

  • Never keep dirt around Tulsi, always install Tulsi in a clean place, where Tulsi ji is installed, never It should also not be dark, always keep Tulsi in the open air.
  • Never plant Tulsi on the ground, always plant it in an earthen pot. Don’t plant any thorny plant around them even by mistake.
  • While planting Tulsi, keep in mind that light a lamp of pure desi ghee in Tulsi in the morning and evening and chant this mantra. ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah’ 
  • By chanting this mantra, you salute Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna and you get auspicious results. By chanting this mantra, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi remain with you and positivity prevails in your house.
  • If the Tulsi plant dries up, do not keep it in the house at all. This can spoil your luck.
  • Never throw Tulsi leaves out of the house, put them in the soil of the Tulsi plant.
  • Don’t pluck Tulsi leaves unnecessarily. You can break it only for the use of worship or health. Do not pluck at all after the sun sets.
  • Always establish Tulsi in the Brahma place i.e. North East direction i.e.  North East or North. This will bring happiness and prosperity to your home.
  • Don’t pluck or touch Tulsi leaves on Sundays.

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