Surya Devta: Who is the God of the Sun? After all, whom does the king of the planets worship?

Surya Dev: Sun is energy. Sun has been given a special status in the scriptures. Sun has been called the ruler of all the nine planets. Even after being the king of all the planets, whom does the Sun worship, let us know. But before that let us know how the Sun originated. 

How the sun originated
It is said that no one has seen God in this world, but every person has seen the sun and the moon. In astrology, both the Sun and the Moon are considered planets, while science says that the Moon is the satellite of the Earth. In astrology, among the Navagrahas, the Sun is considered the king and the Moon the queen and the factor of the mind.

Science also believes that life cannot be imagined without the Sun. In the Vedas, the Sun has been called the soul of the world. Life on earth is possible only because of the Sun and that is why worship of the Sun has been practiced in India since the Vedic period. The Sun God has been praised at many places in the hymns of the Vedas.

In the beginning of creation ‘Om’ appeared from the mouth of Brahma ji, that was the initial subtle form of the Sun. After this the words Bhu Bhuva and Swa were born. When these three words merged into ‘Om’ in the form of a body, then the sun got a gross form. Being born in the beginning of the universe, it was named Aditya. 

This story of the birth of Sun God is also very popular. According to this, Marichi was the son of Brahma and Maharishi Kashyap was the son of Marichi. He was married to Diti and Aditi, daughters of Prajapati Daksha. Daityas were born from Aditi and Aditi gave birth to gods, who always fought with each other.

Seeing this, Devmata Aditi became very sad. She started worshiping the Sun God. Suryadev was pleased with his penance and gave him the boon of being born as a son. After some time she got pregnant. Even after getting pregnant, Aditi kept a strict fast, due to which her health became very weak.

Maharishi Kashyap was very worried about this and tried to convince him that it is not right for him to do this for his children. But, Aditi explained to them that nothing will happen to our children, they are the Sun itself. When the time came, a bright child was born from her womb, who became the hero of the gods and later killed the demons. He was called Aditya because of being born from Aditi’s womb. 

Whom does the sun god worship 
Lord Shiva is the god of the sun. Sun God also worships Mahadev. Mahadev has been described as the worshiper of Sun God. The Guru of Shani Dev is also considered as Bholenath and Lord Shankar is also the worshiper of Sun God. Mahadev’s glory is so immense that he is respected and worshiped by all among the deities. Be it Lord Shri Ram, Shani Dev, Brahma ji, Hanuman ji, Mata Parvati, Kali or Narayan, everyone has a sense of love and respect for Lord Shankar. 

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