Sawan 3rd Somwar 2023: Third Monday of Sawan, Mahadev will be happy by worshiping on this auspicious occasion

Sawan 3rd Monday 2023: The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. That’s why the month of Sawan is called Shivpriya. This year, due to the extra month in Sawan, there will be two months of Sawan. Let us tell you that Sawan has started from July 04 and it will end on August 31.

A total of 8 Monday fasts will be observed in Sawan, in which 2 Sawan Monday fasts have passed and 6 are still remaining. In this, the third Sawan Monday fast is going to be very special, which will fall on July 24, 2023. This will be the third fast of Sawan and the first Monday of Adhikamas. Many auspicious yogas will be formed on this day, which is considered very good for fasting, worship and Rudrabhishek.

Auspicious coincidence on the third Monday of Sawan

On July 24, 2023, many auspicious coincidences are being made on the third Monday of Sawan. Shiva Yoga and Ravi Yoga will be formed on this day, which will be like Amrit Kaal for the devotees of Shiva. Ravi Yoga is considered very auspicious. In this yoga, the condition of inauspiciousness also becomes auspicious. On the other hand, Shiva Yoga is considered auspicious for Rudrabhishek and success is achieved in the work done in this Yoga.

Muhurat for Shiva and Ravi Yoga

  • Shiva Yoga- 23 July 2023 from 02.17 PM to 24.52 PM on July 24.
  • Ravi Yoga- 24 July 2023 from 05.38 AM to 10.12 PM.

Worship on the third Monday of Sawan with this method

On the third Monday of the month of Sawan, get up early in the morning for worship and take bath and wear clean clothes. You can worship Lord Shiva by going to home or temple. If Shivling is installed at home then you can worship at home also. For worship, anoint Shivling with Ganges water, milk, Panchamrit etc. After this apply sandalwood paste. Now offer Belpatra, Dhatura, Bhang, flowers, Akshat etc. and offer bhog. After this perform aarti of Lord Shiva. Recitation of Shiva Chalisa and chanting of Shiva mantras should also be done on Sawan Mondays.

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