Safalta Ki Kunji: Due to these 10 reasons success is not achieved, one has to struggle for years

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: Just as there are two sides of a coin, similarly success and failure are also two sides of the same coin. There can be both success and failure in life.

Every person has the desire to achieve his goal by being successful in life, but failures create hurdles in this path. There can be many reasons for the failures. Let us know about 10 such reasons related to failure which hinder success.

10 Reasons for Failure

  1. Finding shortcuts- The technique of shortcuts sometimes makes the work easier and sometimes it also becomes the cause of failure. By adopting an easy method, the problem can be solved for a fixed time, but it is not permanent. It takes hard work and time.
  2. Lack of conviction- People who lack conviction always take the middle way and get crushed Are.
  3. Laziness- Laziness is the biggest enemy of success. Such people have not one but many excuses to explain the reason for their failure. Such people keep moving towards continuous failure and never succeed.
  4. Not learning from mistakes- Mistakes happen to every human being, but don’t learn from past mistakes and Repeating again and again is the biggest mistake. Intelligent people learn not only from their own mistakes but also from the mistakes of others and become successful.
  5. Don’t recognize the opportunities- There are many opportunities around you. But many people do not recognize it and fail.
  6. Lack of courage- Courageous people handle themselves in every situation and move forward. Courage is the link that tells the difference between the common and the special.
  7. Risk avoidance– Whatever goal you set, there will be risk in it. If you keep avoiding taking risks, you will never be successful. Risk aversion is the biggest cause of failure.
  8. Selfishness and Greed- The greed of always getting more can destroy everything. Not only this, greed and selfishness also lead to a decrease in self-confidence.
  9. Reluctance to plan– Planning is done beforehand for any work. If you have a demerit like reluctance to plan or prepare then you will surely fail.
  10. Fear- Fear is always to create a feeling of insecurity. Due to this there is a decrease in self-confidence and it also destroys our ability and ability. Fear can be real or imagined, but it leads to failure.

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