Sadhguru Sannidhi: Sadhguru Sannidhi: 7 priests from Kashi to conduct Sapta Rishi Avahanam in Bengaluru

Sadhguru Sannidhi, Sapta Rishi Avahanam: On Saturday, March 18, 2023, an Avahanam will be performed at the Yogeshwar Linga in Bengaluru by seven priests of Kashi to show devotion to Sadhguru. Every year on winter solstice he also conducts Avahanam at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore. This is the only occasion when Avahanam is offered outside the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Seven priests of Kashi will perform Sapta Rishi Avahanam at Sadguru Sannidhi on Saturday 18th March 2023 from 6 pm to 10 pm. Devotees will also be able to watch this aarti online. Regarding Avahanam, Sadhguru said that-"It is a technique. The energy they create in this temple in 45 minutes to 1 hour is phenomenal. Nowhere have I seen anything like this conducted by priests.”

How Sapta Rishi Aavahanam originated

Shiva had communicated the 112 ways to reach the ultimate to his seven disciples, who later came to be known as the revered Saptamarishis. Describing the origin of Aavahanam, Sadhguru says- ‘When the seven sages were to go to different parts of the world to impart the science of yoga, they asked them, "How can we take your presence with us?" So he taught a simple process, which exists today in the form of Sapta Rishi Aavahanam.’

Adiyogi first handed over the aarti to him

Sapta Rishi Aarti is being performed in the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple of Varanasi since centuries. But since 2017 it is held every year at Adiyogi and is currently the only place outside Kashi Vishwanath Temple where Saptarishi Aarti is performed. Regarding this aarti, it is said that Adiyogi himself handed over the aarti of the seven sages to his first seven disciples.

How to invoke Shiva

Seven priests sit around the Yogeshwar Linga of Bengaluru and invoke Shiva. Before starting the process, they decorate the linga with sandalwood paste, holy water, belpatra and flower garlands. This is followed by the chanting of mantras followed by a step by step organized process, creating a very powerful atmosphere, wherein the devotees engage in the chanting and chanting of the sacred mantras. Aarti is followed by the Adiyogi Divya Darshan and it is followed by Shayan Aarti.

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